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=== <big><i>ENGLISH -</i></big> <big>'''MAIN RULES FOR EDITING IN ALBANIA :'''</big> ===
==== '''Every edits must be made "In City".''' ====
The only exceptions are :
- Edit of Freeways (Axx) and ramps, which have to be "No City" even if they cross a city.
- Edit of the roads SHxx (State roads), which have to be "No City" ; Nevertheless, when they cross a city, we can create an alternative name with the name of the city and of course repeat the name of the SH.<br>
example : SH60 in Tiranë<br>
Principal naming : SH61, No city<br>
Alternate naming : SH61, Tiranë - TIRANË
==== '''Naming cities and Municipalities''' ====
As in France, there is no "empty areas", it means that every territories of every "Municipalities" (equivalent to the states) adjoin each other. Each portion of a road is attached to at least one municipality, and in theory each segment must own a city name in principal naming (except cases previously mentioned).
The 61 Municipalities of Albania are already created in Waze, so if you type Mallakastër in the research area of WME, you'll obtain at least one result.<br>
<nowiki>***</nowiki> IMPORTANT : If you create a city or a big village, you have to know to which Municipality it belongs. If in doubt, it is advisable to consult other more experienced editors or CMs who can easily find out from reliable sources.
<nowiki>***</nowiki> For Albania, Waze not owning a "District", "State" or "Municipality" field, the name of the Municipality is part of city's name, with the following syntax : '''City - MUNICIPALITY'''.
<br>examples :<br>Ballsh - MALLAKASTËR<br>Tiranë - TIRANË<br>Fushë Krujë - KRUJË
==== '''Syntax of the names''' ====
All names of streets, cities, or Municipalities, will be written in Albanian, not in their anglicized form.
===== Names of cities =====
- Between the name of the city and that of the Municipality, we will put a space followed by a dash followed by a new space, always.<br>
- The name of the Municipality will be entirely in capital letters, respecting the cedilla and the umlaut of characters Ç and Ë.<br>
- No dashes inside the different names of cities or municipalities. Exemple : ''Vau i Dejës - VAU I DEJËS''
===== Names of roads =====
- All the words except the articles must start with a capital letter, including numbers if they are written in letters : ''Rruga Kalaja e Dalmacës''
==== Classification et Locks ====
- All the freeways (Axx) are classified as Freeways and locked level 3 manually.
- SH1 to SH9 are classified as Major Highway.
- SH10 to more, are classified as Minor Highway
- All the SHxx are locked level 3 manually.
- All the Primary streets are locked level 2 manually.
- All the streets are locked level 1 manually.
<nowiki>***</nowiki> IMPORTANT : when creating a road, make sure to '''lock it manually''', and to check the box '''"Unpaved"''' if the basemap clearly allows this judgement.
=== <big><i>FRANÇAIS -</i></big> <big>'''RÈGLES PRINCIPALES D'ÉDITION EN ALBANIE :'''</big> ===