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'''Camera standard lock level:''' The usual lock level for confirmed cameras of all types should be Level 3. A higher level may be set if necessary to prevent repeated vandalism or incorrect edits.
'''Level 4+ editors:''' are reminded that the map editor currently defaults to "Auto" lock level, which sets the lock to the level of the editor - that is, too high. ''Please check all cameras you see and adjust them to Level 3 so they can be managed by L3 editors, unless protected due to repeated vandalism or incorrect edits.''
'''Requirements for <u>dual red-light/speed</u> cameras:''' Cameras that check for speed and red light offences, sometimes called Safety Cameras, require a specific configuration from editors as follows:
''Do not add an additional cameras in an attempt to produce the speed alert'', as a second camera within approx. 400 metres will not generate an alert on the app. Therefore, intersections with both speed and red light camera configurations should be simplified to the above camera setup with excess cameras removed.
The resulting user experience is that the camera provides a consistent red-light warningin the Waze app. This convention will be revised if/when the app is changed to provide both warnings for a dual-function camera [ per forum discussion].
'''Speed camera configuration:'''
|See dual red-light/speed cameras if it also detects speed.
For global information, please see the [[Camera|global cameras]] page.
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