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SA and NSW have a joint network for monitoring the average speed of heavy vehicles over long distances - the '''Safe-T-Cam''' network. NSW also has '''average speed cameras''' which monitor the average speed zones for heavy vehicles only. Neither of these are included on the Waze map as they don't apply to the intended Waze user - the daily commuter. In any case, we have no way of indicating that the speed zone applies to heavy vehicles, nor do we have a way for the user to indicate that he/she is driving a heavy vehicle.
To discourage future editors from adding these Average Speed Zones back in, please add a map comment at the beginning (at least) of the zone: <blockquote>''ASZ for Heavy Vehicles only''  </blockquote><blockquote>''This is the start (or end) of an Average Speed Zone for heavy vehicles only. We do not map these, or their associated speed cameras, in Waze. Further information at and the forum -''</blockquote>
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