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= G'day, Welcome to Wazeopedia Australia! =
This vital resources resource serves to explain the unique editing rules that apply to all editors working on the Australian maps.
Are a you a brand new editor to Waze? Take a look at the [[New Editor Landing Page|Waze Australia onboard process.]]
==About Waze==
New editors are often keen to add as much as possible to the map. The reality is that the established metro areas have been pretty comprehensively mapped, and you're unlikely to find much that needs doing. Focus on new housing developments, where the Waze map hasn't caught up. Oh, and remember that you mustn't copy information from other maps, only from what you can see in the editor or in real life. See [ External Sources] and [ Map Editor - External Sources].
== Topic List ==
=== Roads and Cities ===
* City Names
** Duplicate Cities
* Abbreviations and Acronyms
* Road Names
* [[Cameras]]
=== Places ===
* Places Style Guide
=== Update Requests (URs) ===
* [[UR Management Etiquette]]
* Example UR Responses
=== New Editor Induction Material ===
* New Editor Onboarding Wizard
=== Scripts ===
* [[Australian Scripts]]
== Update Request (URs) ==
As it turns out to be a matter on constant annoyance: