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Update Request (URs)
=== Update Requests (URs) ===
* Global [[UR Management Etiquetteglobal:Update Requests in Waze Map Editor|Update Requests in Waze Map Editor]]Policy* Example [[UR ResponsesManagement]]
=== New Editor Induction Material ===
* [[New Editor Landing Page|New Editor Onboarding Wizard]]
=== Scripts ===
* [[Australian Scripts]]
== Update Request (URs) ==
As it turns out to be a matter on constant annoyance:
Pay particular attention to the etiquette of adding to the
conversation, closing a UR that another editor is working on, and so on.
In the past, there have been a rash of editors giving long winded
responses to URs. The average person is not going to read beyond the 3rd
<nowiki> </nowiki>or 4th line. In this example:
''"Many drivers think a report shows their destination and route
<nowiki> </nowiki>information, it doesn't. It doesn't even tell us who filed the report.
We volunteer map editors only see where you are when you start your
report and short pieces of the recommended and driven routes. We need
more information to fix your problem. Thank you for the report and all
the WAZE you help. If you respond to my query and I do not acknowledge
within 1 day, please e-mail me at with a repeat of
the information.
This report will be closed as 'not identified' if there is no response
within 7 days."''
and this example:
''"Please provide more details so we can investigate the "General
error" you reported. Volunteer map editors only fix map problem. We
don't see what you see on your screen. We only see where you were
located when you started your report and a short segment of the WAZE
recommended route and a short segment of the route taken.
To test the routing, we need to know the approximate start and end
points of your route.
Your routing options are important. Do you Avoid toll roads? Avoid major
<nowiki> </nowiki>highways? Dirt roads allow/don't allow/avoid long ones?
Have you selected 'fastest route' or 'shortest route'?
Thank you for the report and all the WAZE you help.
If no response within 7 days, this report will be closed as 'Not
the user will most likely either not get beyond the "We need more
<nowiki> </nowiki>information to fix your problem" or they will skim through it and not
pay attention to what is being asked of them. Please keep responses to
URs at a minimum. Asking someone to explain more information about their
<nowiki> </nowiki>issue does not require a novel, it should read like the box score to a
game in the newspaper.
A shorter, more to the point response should suffice. An example:
''"You reported a general error at ______________________ and
______________________ but left no info as to what's wrong. Can you
please elaborate, so we may look into and resolve the issue? Thank you."''
''"You reported a missing road, but didn't tell us the name of
the road. Could you please give us the name, so we may add it to the
map? Thank you."''
These are short, simple, to the point, and don't bother the
driver with useless information about satellites, sun spots, the
curvature of Earth's horizon in relation to Mars' gravitational pull, or
<nowiki> </nowiki>other weird explanations from editors which have popped up on URs.
==Recent Imports==
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== Newly Added ==
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