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Australian Road Names

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Junctions between two numbered routes: Removed this section as past guidance from mentors has indicated that this will harm name continuation and remove the detour prevention penalty
Suburb and road names should not be shortened unless it's part of a standard Waze text to speech abbreviation. Otherwise, road names and destinations will sound incorrect when they are read out aloud.
==Junctions between two numbered routes==
To aid long distance navigation, major roads with a route number should have an alternative name of just that route number. In addition, where two numbered routes meet at a junction, the segments at the junction should also be given an additional alternative name containing the route number of the route they are intersecting to. If the numbered routes meet at a roundabout, then this applies to the segments connected to the roundabout, ''not'' the roundabout itself.
For example, where B23 - Monaro Hwy meets B72 - Snowy Mountains Hwy in Cooma, the segment of B23 - Monaro Hwy has all of these alternative names:
* B23 (no city)
* Monaro Hwy, Cooma
* B72 (no city)
This isn't required if there is a Ramp segment between the two numbered routes; in that case the route numbers are added to the Ramp segment as described earlier.