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Australian Road Names

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To Roundabouts are special road segments created using the "roundabout" tool under "Road" in WME. Roundabouts need to be configured correctly to aid navigation instructions, roundabouts should typically remain without a '''street name'''.
* CityIn Australia, roundabouts are configured as follows: enter either suburb/city * Street: Tick "None"
- Where * '''Do not name roundabouts'''** Street: Tick "None" ** City: enter either suburb/city ** Rationale: Waze does not support names on roundabouts and therefore adding one does not assist drivers to navigate with the app. Further, where the app comes across a segment with no name it will use the next named segment as the next named instruction whilst retaining any turn signals(called [[global:Inheriting_road_names|inheriting]]). Therefore, roundabouts with names can be configured per above unless there a comment over the roundabout with a justified reason. * '''Speed: Blank'''** Rationale: Speeds on roundabouts serve no purpose and risk distracting the driver with an excessive speed warning tone while executing a complicated driving manoeuvre. Roundabouts with speed should be configured as per above. * '''Road Type: See [[global:Roundabouts/USA#Road_type|Roundabout Road Types]]'''** Rationale: The purpose of this configuration is to assist with routing through a roundabout by the routing server. * '''Lock Level: Highest connecting road lock level'''** Rationale: Lock levels are used to protect roads and therefore, the roundabout lock level should be set to the highest lock level of the roads connecting to it. For example, if the roundabout connects a street (lock level 1), primary road (lock level 2) and a minor highway (lock level 3), all segments on the roundabout should be changes to lock level 3.  Below are some facts and considerations applicable to roundabouts:* '''Oval Roundabouts'''** If an oval or elliptical roundabout is required, while creating a roundabout, hold down the ''Shift'' key. * '''U-Turn Prevention Applies'''** Roundabouts that are less than 15 m in diameter have [[global:Junction_Style_Guide/Intersections#Avoiding_U-turns_in_box_and_partial_box_intersections|u-turn prevention]] active on them * '''"Roundabouts" in cul-de-sacs'''** Per the [[australia:Main_Page#Waze_Editing_Philosophy|Waze Editing Philosophy]], loops or islands in [[global:Junction_Style_Guide#Cul-de-sacs|cul-de-sacs]] are not considered roundabouts and need only a simple segment over the top of them.
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