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* '''Lock Level: Highest connecting road lock level'''
** Rationale: Lock levels are used to protect roads and therefore, the roundabout lock level should be set to the highest lock level of the roads connecting to it. For example, if the roundabout connects a street (lock level 1), primary road (lock level 2) and a minor highway (lock level 3), all segments on the roundabout should be set to lock level 3.
* '''Do not add 'Y' or 'V' necks to roundabouts'''** The majority of 'Y' or 'V' necks to roundabouts unless the connecting road meets the [[global:Best_map_editing_practice#When_to_divide_a_TwoWay_Road_.28and_when_not_to.29|requirements for divided roads]]. ** Do not split the road into two one-way segments just before the roundabout unless the road meets the [[global:Best_map_editing_practice#When_to_divide_a_TwoWay_Road_.28and_when_not_to.29|requirements for a divided road.]] ** Rationale: Adding extra and unnecessary segments to does not meet the [[australia:Main_Page#Waze_Editing_Philosophy|Waze Editing Philosophy]] requirements of "usability and simplicity". Extra small segments might look "pretty" but do not serve the purpose of aiding navigation.*** Example 'Y' or 'V' necks and instead, how a roundabout should be correctly configured. [[File:Ukroundabout1.png|none|frame|A demonstration of the '''poor practice''' of adding 'V' necks connections to roundabouts.]][[File:Ukroundabout3.png|none|frame|Contrast this image with the previous and note the simple connections meet the [[australia:Main_Page#Waze_Editing_Philosophy|Waze Editing Philosophy]] requirements of "usability and simplicity".]]
Below are some facts and considerations applicable to roundabouts:
* '''Oval Roundabouts'''