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Australian Road Names

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Updated naming roundabouts
In Australia, roundabouts are configured as follows:
* '''Do not name Naming roundabouts'''
** Street: Tick "None"
** City: enter either suburb/city locality ** Rationale: Waze does not support street names on roundabouts and therefore adding one does not assist drivers to navigate with the app. Further, where the app comes across a segment with no street name it will use the street name from the next named segment as in the next named instruction route whilst retaining any turn signals indications (called [[global:Inheriting_road_names|inheriting]]). ThereforeIf the roundabout does have a proper, roundabouts with names signposted name, then this can be configured per above unless there labelled using a comment over 'Junction/Intersection' type landmark that fills the centre of the roundabout with a justified reason.
* '''Speed: Blank'''
** Rationale: Speeds on roundabouts serve no purpose and risk distracting the driver with an excessive speed warning tone while executing a complicated driving manoeuvre. Roundabouts with speed should be configured as per above.