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General Camera Advice: Added point about the shutter direction because Australian editors often get it wrong. Copied from global wiki, author created image to illiterate.
For global information, please see the [[legacy:Cameras|global cameras]] (old wiki) page.
=== Shutter Direction ===
[[File:Camera-shutter-direction.png|alt=Waze alerts based on the direction of the camera shutter.|thumb|201x201px|Waze alerts based on the direction of the camera shutter.]]
When the camera icon is selected in the Map Editor, the red dot should point in the direction of travel a car will '''pass''' the camera. It does not matter if the real-life camera will take a picture of the front of the offending vehicle.
For example, if a road runs east-west and the east bound lanes are monitored for speed, the red dot should point eastward of the camera icon in the Map Editor. Be sure the angle of the red dot also matches the angle of the flow of monitored traffic.
Where a camera records a turn during a red signal, the monitored direction is the starting road even though the camera faces the road onto which you turn.
==Dual Red-light/Speed Cameras==
Cameras that check for speed and red light offences, sometimes called Safety Cameras, require a specific configuration from editors as follows: