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*Name: <Mx>" - "<Name> i.e. "M3 - Eastern Fwy"
*Add Alternative Name: <Mx>, with None checkbox activated i.e. "M3"
=== Ramp ===
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! Waze Road Type
! Description
| Ramp
| Typically the entry and exit roads for Freeways or Freeway-styled roads. This road type has several unique properties that allow it to be useful in a variety of scenarios. These special road types are never pruned in long-distance routing checks, have unique TTS properties, suitable for use as wayfinders and other special case scenarios. Please do not use this road type in standard connecting roads, as a standard road type may be sufficient. Always discuss the use of ramps before application to the map.
*Road Type: Ramp
*Street: See [[Australian Road Names#On and Off ramps|naming convention below]].
*City: activate None checkbox
=== Major Highway ===