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What The Australian Community Expects From You: Add links to global
Basically we follow general practices, and as an English speaking country we don't need translation of general content. Nevertheless we here in Australia decided to state, how we would like to see the work done.
* Every Wazer, regardless of their rank or origin, is encouraged and welcome to contribute to the Australian map. Nonetheless everyone is required to act in the here-stated manner and to follow the rules as stated in the Australian Wiki. Any rules/guidelines not covered herein will be available in the [[global:Main_Page|global Wiki]].
* Contributers to the Australian map are also welcome to add the graphic to their (forum) signature to show their affiliation to the Australian Waze Community.[[image:AuSig.png|center]]
* [ Country management roles (under development)]
* [[Global:Area Manager|Application for Area Manager]]
* [[global:Main_Page|Global Wiki]]
* [[Global:Glossary|Glossary]]