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The main guidance for Car Parks is taken from the US wiki page on Parking Lots. The main points you need to consider are summarised here.


We do not map on street parking. Only areas designated as car parks off the main street should be mapped.

The place and it's associated car park should be separate entries. The details for the place should not combined into the car park place. Consult the Place Style Guide for whether the associated place should be area or point.

Car parks should have entry points added. Multiple entry points should have useful and obvious names added. For example South St / Every Ave or Woolworths / Coles). There is no need to add "entry" to the name as Waze adds this already.


As with other places, the place should cover the visible area of the car park with as simple geometry as possible. When the car park is not visible the geometry only needs to cover entrances and exits, ensuring any PLRs are within the polygon. See the Drawing section of the US wiki for examples.


The naming standard is [Parking Descriptor] (restrictions) - [Place served]

For most places this generally is to precede the place name with Parking -.However, if the car park has a visible or gazetted name then that should be used.

As they are normally associated with another place, car park names can be shortened. This helps with display on the map. For example:

  • McDonald's Wodonga South can be simply Parking - McDonald's
  • City Beach Car Park - Westfield North Lakes can be City Beach Car Park - Westfield

If a car park has a specific purpose, this should be included in the name and description. See the Naming section in the US wiki for more examples. Don't forget different are terms used between countries and that .

Some shopping centres (and other places) name their car parks. That name should be used in the place name. For example

  • Red Parking
  • Weir Rd Carpark
  • City Beach Car Park

Multiple car parks

Multiple car parks without specific names should be named, where possible, in a way that is obvious to the user. For example:

  • Park 'n' ride Caloundra North
  • Park 'n' ride Caloundra South

Where there is no obvious way to name multiple car parks, another distinguisher should be used. For example

  • Parking - Supa IGA I
  • Parking - Supa IGA II


At present only car parks designated as "public" are offered to the user when selecting nearby parking in the app. Other car parks can still be searched for and navigated to like any other place.

  • Public - Only car parks that are available to anyone should use this type.
  • Restricted - For car parks where some restrictions apply. Generally this would include places like shopping centre car parks, single business car parks or school car parks.
  • Private - Where parking is for a specific group. This would include employee car parks, building car parks as well as resident or permit parking.
  • The exception to this is where multiple car parks exist for one place. They may be made public regardless of their type.

Specific Examples

The table below lists some of the variations specific to Australia.

Type Type Standard Example Comment
Park and Ride Public Park 'n' ride [station location] Park 'n' ride Strathpine This standard applies across all states to provide consistent naming. Any state differences should be added as an alternate name.
Shopping Centre - one carpark Restricted Parking - [centre] Parking - Hinkler Central
  • Where there is only one car park the type should be "restricted".
  • If there are visible restrictions they should be added to the description e.g. "Parking for members and guests only".
Shopping Centre - multiple carparks Public [Parking Descriptor] - [Place] City Beach Car Park - Westfield If there are multiple car parks they should be made "public". Restrictions should still be added to the comments.
Paid Public Parking Public [Provider] + [Car park name] Secure Parking 243 Central Avenue Street addresses are not used for car park names. The exception is when it is used by the provider to name their car park.
Staff/employee parking Private [Parking Descriptor] - [Place] Staff Parking - Beenleigh State School "Staff parking only" should be added to the description.