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Trying to put this in some kind of priority order here...

Current Issues to address

Commons area legacy pages

I've just discovered these tonight. All the old legacy pages are there! ituajr has updated a couple of them.

It's nice that they're there, but they are complicating things.

I've sent a message to deeploz asking him what to do about them.

Australian Duplicate Cities

From ituajr on this forum post:

"Wow! Thank you for that. I wasn't aware that an outdated version of the list had already been converted to Wazeopedia. I'll have to bring that Wazeopedia page up to date. A pity there isn't a link (even indirect) from the Australia Main Page."

Find the updates, bring them across (if ituajr hasn't already).

Road Classification

This is a more serious structural change. Suggested by ituajr in this forum post:

I have multiple suggestions:

  1. [Most important] We should not have two pages describing how to classify roads. We especially should not have conflicting advice on those pages.
  2. We should not be advising editors to copy information from Qld Globe, violating their copyright.
  3. We should avoid advising editors to refer to any external source in violation of Waze rules.
  4. Preferably, we should have one set of classification rules that works Australia-wide. Why is Queensland unique in needing to refer to an external source?

Make sure to take this post into account.

Dual Red Light & Speed Cameras

Create wording, put in forum. Decide which page it needs to go in.

Update links on already-imported pages

This is kind of a snowballing task at the moment.
Update a red link to another page by importing the page it should link to, and you end up with a heap of new links on the imported page that need fixing...

Next Pages to Import

State Highways in Australia
A nice simple one!

Australian City Names
Followed quickly by...

Australian Duplicate Cities

Image Links

The latest Wazeopedia Mediawiki version update seems to have slowed page loading down immensely.
Sometimes the pictures on a page aren't loading.
Need to update pages deprecated Image links to File links and add Alt text or Captions for when the pictures don't load.