Australian Duplicate Cities

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List of Australian "cities" (suburbs/localities/districts) that have the same name, with distinguishing information. For instructions on how to use this information to distinguish such cities in Waze refer to Australian City Names.

Old System (before States were implemented)

Approved Name Notes
Abbotsford, NSW
Abbotsford, Qld
Abbotsford, Vic
Aberdeen, NSW
Aberdeen, Tas
Abington, NSW
Abington, Qld
Acacia Hills, NT
Acacia Hills, Tas
Acton, ACT
Acton, Tas
Acton Park, Tas
Acton Park, WA
Albert Park, SA
Albert Park, Vic
Alberton, Qld
Alberton, SA
Alberton, Tas
Alberton, Vic
Albion, Qld 4010 at (153.044,-27.433)
Albion, Qld 4822 at (142.605,-21.328)
Albion, Vic
Alexandra, Qld
Alexandra, Vic
Alison, NSW 2259 at (151.400,-33.266)
Alison, NSW 2420 at (151.773,-32.429)
Allandale, NSW
Allandale, Qld
Alligator Creek, Qld 4740 at (149.218,-21.320)
Alligator Creek, Qld 4816 at (146.932,-19.411)
Alma, SA
Alma, Vic
Alma, WA
Altona, SA
Altona, Vic
Amaroo, ACT
Amaroo, NSW
Amaroo, Qld
Annandale, NSW
Annandale, Qld
Apollo Bay, Tas
Apollo Bay, Vic
Appin, NSW
Appin, Vic
Apsley, NSW
Apsley, Tas
Apsley, Vic
Araluen, NSW
Araluen, NT
Araluen, Qld
Aratula, NSW
Aratula, Qld
Arcadia, NSW
Arcadia, Qld
Arcadia, Vic
Argyle, Vic
Argyle, WA
Armadale, Vic
Armadale, WA
Armstrong Creek, Qld
Armstrong Creek, Vic
Arnold, NT
Arnold, Vic
Arthur River, Tas
Arthur River, WA
Ascot, Qld 4007 at (153.065,-27.430)
Ascot, Qld 4875 at (151.997,-27.826)
Ascot, Vic 3364 at (143.813,-37.396)
Ascot, Vic 3551 at (144.335,-36.708)
Ascot, WA
Ashbourne, SA
Ashbourne, Vic
Ashby, NSW
Ashby, WA
Ashfield, NSW
Ashfield, Qld
Ashfield, WA
Ashford, NSW
Ashford, SA
Auburn, NSW
Auburn, Qld
Auburn, SA
Avoca, NSW
Avoca, Qld
Avoca, Tas
Avoca, Vic
Avon, NSW
Avon, SA
Avondale, NSW
Avondale, Qld
Babinda, NSW
Babinda, Qld
Back Creek, NSW 2372 at (151.729,-28.962)
Back Creek, NSW 2390 at (150.276,-30.112)
Back Creek, NSW 2422 at (152.053,-31.962)
Back Creek, NSW 2484 at (153.170,-28.409)
Back Creek, NSW 2622 at (149.944,-35.343)
Back Creek, NSW 2671 at (147.461,-33.865)
Bakers Creek, NSW 2359 at (150.996,-30.325)
Bakers Creek, NSW 2422 at (152.101,-31.973)
Bakers Creek, NSW 2447 at (152.715,-30.827)
Bakers Creek, Qld
Balaclava, NSW
Balaclava, Vic
Bald Hills, NSW
Bald Hills, Qld
Bald Hills, SA
Bald Hills, Vic
Balgowan, Qld
Balgowan, SA
Balmoral, NSW 2283 at (151.579,-33.046)
Balmoral, NSW 2571 at (150.515,-34.303)
Balmoral, Qld
Balmoral, Vic
Bangalee, NSW
Bangalee, Qld
Bangor, NSW
Bangor, SA
Bangor, Tas
Bannister, NSW
Bannister, WA
Bannockburn, Qld
Bannockburn, Vic
Barkly, Qld
Barkly, Vic
Barratta, NSW
Barratta, Qld
Barrington, NSW
Barrington, Tas
Barringun, NSW
Barringun, Qld
Barry, NSW 2340 at (151.284,-31.600)
Barry, NSW 2799 at (149.267,-33.647)
Basalt, Qld
Basalt, Vic
Bassendean, NSW
Bassendean, WA
Baw Baw, NSW
Baw Baw, Vic
Baynton, Vic
Baynton, WA
Bayswater, Vic
Bayswater, WA
Bayview, NSW
Bayview, NT
Beaconsfield, NSW
Beaconsfield, Qld
Beaconsfield, Tas
Beaconsfield, Vic
Beaconsfield, WA
Beaufort, Qld
Beaufort, SA
Beaufort, Vic
Beaumaris, Tas
Beaumaris, Vic
Beaumont, NSW
Beaumont, SA
Beaumont, WA
Bell, NSW
Bell, Qld
Bellevue, Qld
Bellevue, WA
Bellfield, Qld
Bellfield, Vic 3081 at (145.038,-37.753)
Bellfield, Vic 3381 at (142.489,-37.225)
Belmont, NSW
Belmont, Qld
Belmont, Vic
Belmont, WA
Ben Lomond, NSW
Ben Lomond, Tas
Bentley, NSW
Bentley, WA
Beulah, Tas
Beulah, Vic
Beverley, SA
Beverley, WA
Bidwill, NSW
Bidwill, Qld
Big Hill, NSW
Big Hill, Vic 3231 at (144.008,-38.478)
Big Hill, Vic 3555 at (144.230,-36.836)
Binna Burra, NSW
Binna Burra, Qld
Birdwood, NSW
Birdwood, SA
Birnam, Qld 4285 at (153.059,-27.950)
Birnam, Qld 4352 at (151.926,-27.493)
Black Creek, NSW 2439 at (152.639,-31.586)
Black Creek, NSW 2729 at (148.034,-35.329)
Black Hill, NSW
Black Hill, SA
Black Hill, Vic
Black Mountain, NSW
Black Mountain, Qld
Black Range, NSW
Black Range, Vic
Black River, Qld
Black River, Tas
Black Rock, SA
Black Rock, Vic
Black Springs, NSW
Black Springs, SA
Blackbutt, NSW
Blackbutt, Qld
Blackheath, NSW
Blackheath, Vic
Blackwall, NSW
Blackwall, Tas
Blackwood, SA
Blackwood, Vic
Blair Athol, NSW
Blair Athol, SA
Blaxland, NSW
Blaxland, Qld
Boat Harbour, NSW 2316 at (152.110,-32.784)
Boat Harbour, NSW 2480 at (153.369,-28.778)
Boat Harbour, Tas
Bolwarra, NSW
Bolwarra, Qld
Bolwarra, Vic
Bonnie Doon, Qld
Bonnie Doon, Vic
Bonshaw, NSW
Bonshaw, Qld
Bonshaw, Vic
Boonah, Qld
Boonah, Vic
Booral, NSW
Booral, Qld
Box Hill, NSW
Box Hill, Vic
Bradbury, NSW
Bradbury, SA
Brandy Creek, Qld
Brandy Creek, Vic
Bray Park, NSW
Bray Park, Qld
Breadalbane, NSW
Breadalbane, Qld
Breadalbane, Tas
Brentwood, SA
Brentwood, WA
Bridgewater, SA
Bridgewater, Tas
Bridgewater, Vic
Bright, SA
Bright, Vic
Brighton, Qld
Brighton, SA
Brighton, Tas
Brighton, Vic
Broadmeadows, Tas
Broadmeadows, Vic
Broadwater, NSW 2472 at (153.426,-29.035)
Broadwater, NSW 2549 at (149.894,-36.973)
Broadwater, Qld
Broadwater, Vic
Broadwater, WA
Broke, NSW
Broke, WA
Brookdale, NSW
Brookdale, WA
Brookfield, NSW
Brookfield, Qld
Brookfield, Vic
Brooklyn, NSW
Brooklyn, Tas
Brooklyn, Vic
Broughton, NSW
Broughton, Qld
Broughton, Vic
Brown Hill, Vic
Brown Hill, WA
Browns Plains, Qld
Browns Plains, Vic
Bruce, ACT
Bruce, SA
Brunswick, Vic
Brunswick, WA
Bucca, NSW
Bucca, Qld
Buchanan, NSW
Buchanan, NT
Buchanan, SA
Buckingham, Qld
Buckingham, SA
Buckingham, WA
Buckland, Qld
Buckland, Tas
Buckland, Vic
Buckland, WA
Budgee Budgee, NSW
Budgee Budgee, Vic
Bulga, NSW
Bulga, Vic
Bull Creek, SA
Bull Creek, WA
Bulla, NSW
Bulla, Vic
Bunbury, SA
Bunbury, WA
Bundanoon, NSW
Bundanoon, WA
Bundoora, Qld
Bundoora, Vic
Bungaree, SA
Bungaree, Tas
Bungaree, Vic
Bungil, Qld
Bungil, Vic
Burnside, Qld
Burnside, SA
Burnside, Vic
Burnside, WA
Burra, NSW 2620 at (149.224,-35.559)
Burra, NSW 2653 at (148.090,-35.828)
Burra, SA
Burton, Qld
Burton, SA
Burwood, NSW
Burwood, Vic
Bushy Park, Tas
Bushy Park, Vic
Butler, SA
Butler, WA
Buxton, NSW
Buxton, Qld
Buxton, Vic
Cabarita, NSW
Cabarita, Vic
Cabbage Tree Island, NSW 2430 at (152.590,-31.946)
Cabbage Tree Island, NSW 2477 at (153.457,-28.981)
Cadgee, NSW
Cadgee, SA
Calliope, NSW
Calliope, Qld
Calvert, NT
Calvert, Qld
Camberwell, NSW
Camberwell, Vic
Camboon, NSW
Camboon, Qld
Cambridge, Qld
Cambridge, Tas
Camden Park, NSW
Camden Park, SA
Camira, NSW
Camira, Qld
Camp Creek, NSW
Camp Creek, NT
Camp Creek, Qld
Campbelltown, NSW
Campbelltown, SA
Campbelltown, Vic
Camperdown, NSW
Camperdown, Vic
Cannon Creek, Qld 4310 at (152.729,-28.079)
Cannon Creek, Qld 4380 at (151.874,-28.606)
Canterbury, NSW
Canterbury, Vic
Cardiff, NSW
Cardiff, WA
Carina, Qld
Carina, Vic
Carlton, NSW
Carlton, Tas
Carlton, Vic
Carramar, NSW
Carramar, WA
Carrick, NSW
Carrick, Tas
Carrington, NSW 2294 at (151.766,-32.913)
Carrington, NSW 2324 at (152.018,-32.660)
Carrington, Qld
Cascade, NSW
Cascade, WA
Cassilis, NSW
Cassilis, Vic
Castle Creek, Qld
Castle Creek, Vic
Castle Hill, NSW
Castle Hill, Qld
Casuarina, NSW
Casuarina, NT
Casuarina, WA
Cathcart, NSW
Cathcart, Vic
Cattle Creek, NSW
Cattle Creek, Qld 4407 at (150.799,-27.676)
Cattle Creek, Qld 4626 at (151.301,-25.457)
Cavan, NSW
Cavan, SA
Cawdor, NSW
Cawdor, Qld
Cedar Creek, NSW 2325 at (151.172,-32.838)
Cedar Creek, NSW 2484 at (153.262,-28.418)
Cedar Creek, Qld 4207 at (153.184,-27.840)
Cedar Creek, Qld 4520 at (152.819,-27.333)
Centennial Park, NSW
Centennial Park, WA
Chandler, Qld
Chandler, WA
Chapel Hill, Qld
Chapel Hill, SA
Charlestown, NSW
Charlestown, Qld
Charlton, NSW
Charlton, Qld
Charlton, Vic
Chatsworth, NSW
Chatsworth, Qld
Chatsworth, Vic
Cheltenham, NSW
Cheltenham, Qld
Cheltenham, SA
Cheltenham, Vic
Chichester, NSW
Chichester, WA
Chifley, ACT
Chifley, NSW
Childers, Qld
Childers, Vic
Chisholm, ACT
Chisholm, NSW
Christmas Hills, Tas
Christmas Hills, Vic
Churchill, Qld
Churchill, Vic
Clare, NSW
Clare, Qld
Clare, SA
Claremont, Tas
Claremont, WA
Clarendon, NSW
Clarendon, Qld
Clarendon, SA
Clarendon, Vic
Cleveland, NSW
Cleveland, Qld
Cleveland, Tas
Clifton, NSW
Clifton, Qld
Clifton, WA
Clifton Beach, Qld
Clifton Beach, Tas
Clinton, Qld
Clinton, SA
Clontarf, NSW
Clontarf, Qld 4019 at (153.077,-27.244)
Clontarf, Qld 4357 at (151.228,-27.972)
Clunes, NSW
Clunes, Vic
Clyde, NSW
Clyde, Vic
Clydesdale, NSW
Clydesdale, Vic
Cockatoo, Qld
Cockatoo, Vic
Codrington, NSW
Codrington, Vic
Coldstream, NSW
Coldstream, Vic
Colinton, NSW
Colinton, Qld
Collaroy, NSW
Collaroy, Qld
Collie, NSW
Collie, WA
Collingwood, NSW
Collingwood, Vic
Collingwood Park, Qld
Collingwood Park, WA
Collinsville, Qld
Collinsville, SA
Colo, NSW 2756 at (150.807,-33.416)
Colo, NSW 2795 at (149.265,-33.779)
Como, NSW
Como, Qld
Como, WA
Coogee, NSW
Coogee, WA
Coolangatta, NSW
Coolangatta, Qld
Coolgardie, NSW
Coolgardie, WA
Cooma, NSW
Cooma, Vic
Coonawarra, NT
Coonawarra, SA
Copley, SA
Copley, WA
Coppabella, NSW
Coppabella, Qld
Coree, ACT
Coree, NSW
Corinella, NSW
Corinella, Vic
Corndale, NSW
Corndale, Qld
Corndale, Vic
Cornwall, Qld
Cornwall, Tas
Cosgrove, Qld
Cosgrove, Vic
Cossack, NT
Cossack, WA
Cottonvale, NSW
Cottonvale, Qld
Craigie, NSW
Craigie, Vic
Craigie, WA
Cranbrook, Qld
Cranbrook, Tas
Cranbrook, WA
Cremorne, NSW
Cremorne, Qld
Cremorne, Tas
Cremorne, Vic
Cressy, Tas
Cressy, Vic
Cromer, NSW
Cromer, SA
Cross Roads, NSW
Cross Roads, SA
Cross Roads, Vic
Crows Nest, NSW
Crows Nest, Qld
Croydon, NSW
Croydon, Qld
Croydon, SA
Croydon, Vic
Croydon Park, NSW
Croydon Park, SA
Crystal Brook, Qld
Crystal Brook, SA
Crystal Creek, NSW
Crystal Creek, Qld
Cunningham, Qld
Cunningham, SA
Curlewis, NSW
Curlewis, Vic
Curramore, NSW
Curramore, Qld
Daisy Hill, Qld
Daisy Hill, Vic
Dalwood, NSW 2335 at (151.415,-32.627)
Dalwood, NSW 2477 at (153.413,-28.894)
Darlington, NSW 2008 at (151.193,-33.891)
Darlington, NSW 2330 at (151.161,-32.559)
Darlington, Qld
Darlington, SA
Darlington, Vic
Darlington, WA
Dartmoor, Vic
Dartmoor, WA
Davenport, NT
Davenport, SA
Davenport, WA
Dawson, SA
Dawson, Vic
Deep Creek, NSW 2440 at (152.707,-30.968)
Deep Creek, NSW 2460 at (152.668,-29.162)
Deep Creek, NSW 2469 at (152.683,-28.969)
Deep Creek, Qld
Deep Creek, SA
Deepdene, Vic
Deepdene, WA
Deepwater, NSW
Deepwater, Qld
Deepwater, SA
Delamere, NT
Delamere, SA
Derby, Tas
Derby, Vic
Derby, WA
Devon Park, Qld
Devon Park, SA
Dixie, Qld
Dixie, Vic
Donnybrook, Qld
Donnybrook, Vic
Donnybrook, WA
Douglas, Qld 4354 at (151.906,-27.320)
Douglas, Qld 4814 at (146.751,-19.325)
Douglas, Vic
Dromedary, Qld
Dromedary, Tas
Dry Creek, NSW
Dry Creek, SA
Dudley Park, SA
Dudley Park, WA
Dundas, NSW
Dundas, Qld
Dundas, WA
Dunkeld, NSW
Dunkeld, Qld
Dunkeld, Vic
Dunmore, NSW
Dunmore, Qld
Dunolly, NSW
Dunolly, Vic
Dunrobin, Qld
Dunrobin, Vic
Durack, NT
Durack, Qld
Durack, WA
Dural, NSW 2158 at (151.041,-33.684)
Dural, NSW 2330 at (150.862,-32.580)
Dysart, Qld
Dysart, Tas
Eastwood, NSW
Eastwood, SA
Eastwood, Vic
Eaton, NT
Eaton, Qld
Eaton, WA
Ebenezer, NSW
Ebenezer, Qld
Ebenezer, SA
Edith, NSW
Edith, NT
Eglinton, NSW
Eglinton, WA
Eight Mile Creek, Qld
Eight Mile Creek, SA
Elderslie, NSW 2335 at (151.351,-32.582)
Elderslie, NSW 2570 at (150.715,-34.057)
Elderslie, Tas
Elgin, Qld
Elgin, WA
Ellangowan, NSW
Ellangowan, Qld
Ellendale, Tas
Ellendale, WA
Ellerslie, NSW 2648 at (142.028,-33.824)
Ellerslie, NSW 2729 at (147.909,-35.309)
Ellerslie, Vic
Elliott, NT
Elliott, Qld
Elliott, Tas
Elphinstone, Qld 4361 at (151.892,-27.983)
Elphinstone, Qld 4742 at (148.215,-21.506)
Elphinstone, Vic
Eltham, NSW
Eltham, Vic
Emerald, Qld
Emerald, Vic
Emu Creek, Qld
Emu Creek, Vic
Emu Flat, SA
Emu Flat, WA
Emu Heights, NSW
Emu Heights, Tas
Enfield, NSW
Enfield, SA
Enfield, Vic
Enmore, NSW 2042 at (151.171,-33.900)
Enmore, NSW 2350 at (151.834,-30.731)
Epping, NSW
Epping, Vic
Epsom, Qld
Epsom, Vic
Erskine, SA
Erskine, WA
Esk, NSW
Esk, Qld
Eskdale, Qld
Eskdale, Vic
Ettrick, NSW
Ettrick, SA
Eungella, NSW
Eungella, Qld
Eureka, NSW
Eureka, Qld
Eureka, Vic
Evandale, SA
Evandale, Tas
Exeter, NSW
Exeter, SA
Exeter, Tas
Fairfield, NSW
Fairfield, Qld
Fairfield, Vic
Fairy Dell, Vic 3561 at (144.732,-36.324)
Fairy Dell, Vic 3875 at (147.757,-37.689)
Falls Creek, NSW
Falls Creek, Vic
Fassifern, NSW
Fassifern, Qld
Federal, NSW
Federal, Qld
Ferguson, Vic
Ferguson, WA
Ferndale, Vic
Ferndale, WA
Fernvale, NSW
Fernvale, Qld
Fingal, Tas
Fingal, Vic
Fisher, ACT
Fisher, Qld
Fisher, SA
Fitzgerald, Tas
Fitzgerald, WA
Fitzroy, SA
Fitzroy, Vic
Fletcher, NSW
Fletcher, Qld
Flinders, NSW
Flinders, Vic
Flowerdale, Tas
Flowerdale, Vic
Flying Fox, NT
Flying Fox, Qld
Flynn, ACT
Flynn, NT
Flynn, Vic
Flynn, WA
Forbes, NSW
Forbes, Vic
Forest Glen, NSW
Forest Glen, Qld
Forest Grove, NSW
Forest Grove, WA
Forest Hill, NSW
Forest Hill, Qld
Forest Hill, Vic
Forest Hill, WA
Forestville, NSW
Forestville, SA
Forrest, ACT
Forrest, Vic
Forrest, WA
Forrest Beach, Qld
Forrest Beach, WA
Forster, NSW
Forster, SA
Fortescue, Tas
Fortescue, WA
Four Mile Creek, NSW
Four Mile Creek, Tas
Franklin, ACT
Franklin, Tas
Freshwater, NSW
Freshwater, Qld
Fulham, Qld
Fulham, SA
Fulham, Vic
Garden Island, SA
Garden Island, WA
Garfield, Qld
Garfield, Vic
Gawler, SA
Gawler, Tas
Georges Creek, NSW
Georges Creek, Vic
Georgetown, NSW
Georgetown, Qld
Georgetown, SA
Georgina, Qld
Georgina, WA
Germantown, Qld
Germantown, Vic
Gilberton, Qld 4208 at (153.273,-27.742)
Gilberton, Qld 4871 at (143.692,-19.279)
Gilberton, SA
Gilmore, ACT
Gilmore, NSW
Gin Gin, NSW
Gin Gin, Qld
Girraween, NSW
Girraween, NT
Girraween, Qld
Gladfield, Qld
Gladfield, Vic
Gladstone, NSW
Gladstone, SA
Gladstone, Tas
Glanmire, NSW
Glanmire, Qld
Glebe, NSW
Glebe, Qld
Glebe, Tas
Glen Iris, Vic
Glen Iris, WA
Glencoe, NSW
Glencoe, Qld
Glencoe, SA
Glencoe, WA
Glendale, NSW
Glendale, Qld
Glenelg, NSW
Glenelg, SA
Glenfern, Qld
Glenfern, Tas
Glenfield, NSW
Glenfield, WA
Glengarry, Tas
Glengarry, Vic
Glenlee, Qld
Glenlee, Vic
Glenlyon, Qld
Glenlyon, Vic
Glenmore, NSW
Glenmore, Vic
Glenorchy, Qld
Glenorchy, Tas
Glenorchy, Vic
Glenrock, NSW
Glenrock, Qld
Glenroy, NSW 2640 at (146.899,-36.052)
Glenroy, NSW 2653 at (147.883,-35.749)
Glenroy, Qld
Glenroy, SA
Glenroy, Vic
Glenwood, NSW
Glenwood, Qld
Golden Beach, Qld
Golden Beach, Vic
Golden Point, Vic 3350 at (143.865,-37.574)
Golden Point, Vic 3451 at (144.274,-37.064)
Golden Point, Vic 3465 at (143.761,-37.091)
Goldsborough, Qld
Goldsborough, Vic
Goodwood, Qld
Goodwood, SA
Goodwood, Tas
Gordon, ACT
Gordon, NSW
Gordon, Tas
Gordon, Vic
Gowrie, ACT
Gowrie, NSW 2330 at (151.148,-32.565)
Gowrie, NSW 2340 at (150.825,-31.345)
Grange, Qld
Grange, SA
Granville, NSW
Granville, Qld
Granville, WA
Grassdale, Qld
Grassdale, Vic
Gray, NT
Gray, Tas
Green Gully, NSW
Green Gully, Vic
Green Hills, NSW 2365 at (151.787,-30.267)
Green Hills, NSW 2730 at (148.029,-35.546)
Green Point, NSW 2251 at (151.365,-33.454)
Green Point, NSW 2428 at (152.518,-32.250)
Green Valley, NSW
Green Valley, WA
Greendale, NSW 2550 at (149.862,-36.585)
Greendale, NSW 2745 at (150.663,-33.928)
Greendale, Vic
Greenhill, NSW
Greenhill, SA
Greenhill, Vic
Greenlands, NSW 2330 at (151.164,-32.362)
Greenlands, NSW 2631 at (149.444,-36.518)
Greenlands, Qld
Greenmount, Qld 4359 at (151.893,-27.776)
Greenmount, Qld 4751 at (149.035,-21.184)
Greenmount, WA
Greens Creek, Qld
Greens Creek, Vic
Greenvale, Qld
Greenvale, Vic
Greenwood, Qld
Greenwood, WA
Gregory, NT
Gregory, Qld
Gregory, WA
Gregory River, Qld 4660 at (152.215,-25.100)
Gregory River, Qld 4800 at (148.502,-20.250)
Greta, NSW
Greta, Vic
Griffith, ACT
Griffith, NSW
Guildford, NSW
Guildford, Tas
Guildford, Vic
Guildford, WA
Halls Creek, NSW
Halls Creek, WA
Hamilton, NSW
Hamilton, Qld
Hamilton, SA
Hamilton, Tas
Hamilton, Vic
Hampden, Qld
Hampden, SA
Hampton, NSW
Hampton, Qld
Hampton, Vic
Happy Valley, Qld
Happy Valley, SA
Happy Valley, Vic 3360 at (143.596,-37.728)
Happy Valley, Vic 3549 at (142.716,-34.698)
Hart, NT
Hart, SA
Hartley, NSW
Hartley, SA
Hastings, Tas
Hastings, Vic
Hastings, WA
Havilah, NSW
Havilah, Vic
Hawker, ACT
Hawker, SA
Hawthorn, SA
Hawthorn, Vic
Hay, NSW
Hay, WA
Heathcote, NSW
Heathcote, Vic
Hendon, Qld
Hendon, SA
Henty, NSW
Henty, Vic
Henty, WA
Herne Hill, Vic
Herne Hill, WA
Hexham, NSW
Hexham, Vic
Hidden Valley, NT
Hidden Valley, Qld
Highbury, Qld
Highbury, SA
Highbury, WA
Highfields, NSW
Highfields, Qld
Highgate, SA
Highgate, WA
Highland Plains, Qld 4401 at (151.762,-27.268)
Highland Plains, Qld 4454 at (148.755,-25.870)
Hill End, NSW
Hill End, Vic
Hill River, SA
Hill River, WA
Hill Top, NSW 2575 at (150.487,-34.347)
Hill Top, NSW 2628 at (148.693,-36.333)
Hillcrest, Qld
Hillcrest, SA
Hillcrest, Tas
Hillcrest, Vic
Hillgrove, NSW 2350 at (151.968,-30.612)
Hillgrove, NSW 2650 at (147.356,-35.044)
Hillsborough, NSW 2290 at (151.674,-32.962)
Hillsborough, NSW 2320 at (151.476,-32.633)
Hillside, Vic 3037 at (144.742,-37.690)
Hillside, Vic 3875 at (147.516,-37.841)
Hillside, WA
Hilton, SA
Hilton, WA
Hinchinbrook, NSW
Hinchinbrook, Qld
Hindmarsh, SA
Hindmarsh, WA
Hobartville, NSW
Hobartville, Qld
Holder, ACT
Holder, SA
Homebush, NSW
Homebush, Qld
Homebush, Vic
Hope Valley, SA
Hope Valley, WA
Hopeland, Qld
Hopeland, WA
Hopetoun, Vic
Hopetoun, WA
Howick, NSW
Howick, WA
Hughes, ACT
Hughes, NT
Hungerford, NSW
Hungerford, Qld
Huntingdale, Vic
Huntingdale, WA
Huntley, NSW 2530 at (150.736,-34.498)
Huntley, NSW 2800 at (149.126,-33.369)
Hyde Park, Qld
Hyde Park, SA
Iluka, NSW
Iluka, WA
Inglewood, Qld
Inglewood, SA
Inglewood, Vic
Inglewood, WA
Inkerman, Qld
Inkerman, SA
Inkerman, Vic
Invergordon, NSW
Invergordon, Vic
Invermay, Tas
Invermay, Vic
Irishtown, Tas
Irishtown, Vic
Irishtown, WA
Ironbark, NSW
Ironbark, Qld
Ironbark, Vic
Ironpot, Qld 4610 at (151.445,-26.597)
Ironpot, Qld 4701 at (150.601,-23.262)
Irymple, NSW
Irymple, Vic
Ivanhoe, NSW
Ivanhoe, Vic
Jamieson, SA
Jamieson, Vic
Jericho, Qld
Jericho, SA
Jericho, Tas
Jericho, Vic
Jerrabomberra, ACT
Jerrabomberra, NSW
Jindalee, Qld
Jindalee, WA
Kangaroo Flat, SA
Kangaroo Flat, Vic
Kangaroo Point, NSW
Kangaroo Point, Qld
Kanimbla, NSW
Kanimbla, Qld
Kelso, NSW
Kelso, Qld
Kelso, Tas
Kenmare, Vic
Kenmare, WA
Kensington, NSW
Kensington, Qld
Kensington, SA
Kensington, Vic
Kensington, WA
Kew, NSW
Kew, Vic
Kia Ora, NSW
Kia Ora, Qld
Kianga, NSW
Kianga, Qld
Killara, NSW
Killara, Vic 3312 at (141.400,-37.752)
Killara, Vic 3691 at (146.950,-36.140)
Killarney, Qld
Killarney, Vic
Killawarra, NSW
Killawarra, Vic
Killingworth, NSW
Killingworth, Vic
Kimberley, Qld
Kimberley, Tas
Kimbolton, Vic
Kimbolton, WA
Kings Park, NSW
Kings Park, SA
Kings Park, Vic
Kings Park, WA
Kings Plains, NSW 2360 at (151.413,-29.602)
Kings Plains, NSW 2799 at (149.327,-33.490)
Kingsford, NSW
Kingsford, SA
Kingsford, WA
Kingston, ACT
Kingston, Qld
Kingston, Tas
Kingston, Vic
Kingston, WA
Kingswood, NSW 2340 at (150.928,-31.161)
Kingswood, NSW 2550 at (149.822,-36.742)
Kingswood, NSW 2747 at (150.724,-33.764)
Kingswood, SA
Kooringal, NSW
Kooringal, Qld
Kulwin, NSW
Kulwin, Vic
Lake Albert, NSW
Lake Albert, SA
Lakelands, NSW
Lakelands, WA
Lakewood, NSW
Lakewood, WA
Lambs Valley, NSW 2335 at (151.464,-32.570)
Lambs Valley, NSW 2370 at (151.796,-29.814)
Lamington, Qld
Lamington, WA
Landsborough, Qld
Landsborough, Vic
Langley, Qld
Langley, Vic
Lansdowne, NSW 2163 at (150.975,-33.896)
Lansdowne, NSW 2430 at (152.515,-31.761)
Lansdowne, NT
Lansdowne, Qld
Larapinta, NT
Larapinta, Qld
Latham, ACT
Latham, WA
Laura, Qld
Laura, SA
Laverton, Vic
Laverton, WA
Lawrence, NSW
Lawrence, Vic
Lawson, ACT
Lawson, NSW
Learmonth, Vic
Learmonth, WA
Leichhardt, NSW
Leichhardt, Qld
Leigh Creek, SA
Leigh Creek, Vic
Lewisham, NSW
Lewisham, Tas
Lilli Pilli, NSW 2229 at (151.114,-34.069)
Lilli Pilli, NSW 2536 at (150.222,-35.774)
Lillico, Tas
Lillico, Vic
Lilydale, NSW
Lilydale, Qld
Lilydale, Tas
Lilydale, Vic
Lilyvale, NSW
Lilyvale, Qld 4352 at (151.875,-27.433)
Lilyvale, Qld 4723 at (148.437,-23.151)
Limeburners Creek, NSW 2324 at (151.912,-32.579)
Limeburners Creek, NSW 2444 at (152.900,-31.331)
Limestone, NSW
Limestone, Qld
Limestone, Vic
Linden, NSW
Linden, Qld
Lismore, NSW
Lismore, Vic
Little River, NSW
Little River, Vic
Llanarth, NSW
Llanarth, Qld
Lochiel, NSW
Lochiel, SA
Locksley, NSW
Locksley, Vic
Lockyer, Qld
Lockyer, WA
Londonderry, NSW
Londonderry, WA
Long Flat, NSW
Long Flat, Qld
Long Flat, SA
Long Plain, NSW 2360 at (151.236,-29.765)
Long Plain, NSW 2629 at (148.581,-35.662)
Long Point, NSW 2330 at (151.121,-32.565)
Long Point, NSW 2564 at (150.897,-34.011)
Longford, Tas
Longford, Vic
Longreach, NSW
Longreach, Qld
Longwood, SA
Longwood, Vic
Lorne, NSW
Lorne, Vic
Lucknow, NSW
Lucknow, Vic
Lumeah, Qld
Lumeah, WA
Lyndhurst, NSW 2350 at (152.044,-30.356)
Lyndhurst, NSW 2797 at (148.992,-33.685)
Lyndhurst, Qld
Lyndhurst, SA
Lyndhurst, Vic
Lynwood, NSW
Lynwood, WA
Lyons, ACT
Lyons, NT
Lyons, Qld
Lyons, Vic
Macarthur, ACT
Macarthur, Vic
Macclesfield, SA
Macclesfield, Vic
Macgregor, ACT
Macgregor, Qld
Mackenzie, Qld 4156 at (153.129,-27.540)
Mackenzie, Qld 4702 at (149.392,-23.128)
Macleod, Vic
Macleod, WA
Maffra, NSW
Maffra, Vic
Magenta, NSW
Magenta, WA
Maitland, NSW
Maitland, SA
Maitland, WA
Majors Creek, NSW
Majors Creek, Qld
Maldon, NSW
Maldon, Vic
Malvern, SA
Malvern, Vic
Mangalore, Tas
Mangalore, Vic
Manly, NSW
Manly, Qld
Manoora, Qld
Manoora, SA
Mansfield, Qld
Mansfield, Vic
Manton, NSW
Manton, NT
Marengo, NSW
Marengo, Vic
Margaret River, NT
Margaret River, WA
Margate, Qld
Margate, Tas
Marion Bay, SA
Marion Bay, Tas
Maryborough, Qld
Maryborough, Vic
Maryland, NSW 2287 at (151.662,-32.880)
Maryland, NSW 4377 at (152.046,-28.539)
Maryvale, NSW
Maryvale, Qld 4370 at (152.267,-28.076)
Maryvale, Qld 4703 at (150.618,-22.980)
Maryvale, SA
Maryvale, Vic
Maude, NSW
Maude, SA
Maude, Vic
Mayfield, NSW 2304 at (151.738,-32.898)
Mayfield, NSW 2540 at (150.668,-34.920)
Mayfield, NSW 2580 at (149.782,-35.236)
Mayfield, NSW 2787 at (149.775,-33.667)
Mayfield, SA
Mayfield, Tas
Maylands, SA
Maylands, WA
Meadowbank, NSW
Meadowbank, Tas
Melrose, Qld
Melrose, SA
Melrose, Tas
Melrose Park, NSW
Melrose Park, SA
Melton, SA
Melton, Vic
Melville, NSW
Melville, WA
Menzies, Qld
Menzies, SA
Menzies, WA
Merrijig, Vic 3723 at (146.313,-37.078)
Merrijig, Vic 3875 at (147.442,-37.656)
Merriwa, NSW
Merriwa, WA
Mia Mia, Qld
Mia Mia, Vic
Miandetta, NSW
Miandetta, Tas
Middle Park, Qld
Middle Park, Vic
Middlesex, Tas
Middlesex, WA
Middleton, Qld
Middleton, SA
Middleton, Tas
Midgee, Qld
Midgee, SA
Millbank, NSW
Millbank, Qld
Millbrook, SA
Millbrook, Vic
Millbrook, WA
Millstream, Qld
Millstream, WA
Milroy, NSW 2380 at (150.048,-31.142)
Milroy, NSW 2850 at (149.621,-32.593)
Milton, NSW
Milton, Qld
Mimosa, NSW
Mimosa, Qld
Mindarie, SA
Mindarie, WA
Mingoola, NSW
Mingoola, Qld
Miranda, NSW
Miranda, SA
Mirrabooka, NSW
Mirrabooka, WA
Mitcham, SA
Mitcham, Vic
Mitchell, ACT
Mitchell, NSW
Mitchell, NT
Mitchell, Qld
Mitchell, SA
Mitchell Park, SA
Mitchell Park, Vic
Mogo, NSW 2536 at (150.102,-35.794)
Mogo, NSW 2850 at (150.022,-32.259)
Molesworth, Tas
Molesworth, Vic
Monash, ACT
Monash, SA
Montrose, Qld 4370 at (151.779,-28.156)
Montrose, Qld 4413 at (150.615,-27.013)
Montrose, Tas
Montrose, Vic
Moonlight Flat, Vic 3450 at (144.246,-37.062)
Moonlight Flat, Vic 3465 at (143.650,-37.048)
Moora, Vic
Moora, WA
Moorina, Qld
Moorina, Tas
Moorland, NSW
Moorland, Qld
Moresby, Qld
Moresby, WA
Mornington, Qld
Mornington, Tas
Mornington, Vic
Mornington, WA
Mortlake, NSW
Mortlake, Vic
Morven, NSW 2370 at (152.164,-29.410)
Morven, NSW 2660 at (147.155,-35.652)
Morven, Qld
Mosman Park, Qld
Mosman Park, WA
Mount Archer, Qld 4514 at (152.663,-27.001)
Mount Archer, Qld 4701 at (150.582,-23.326)
Mount Barker, SA
Mount Barker, WA
Mount Clear, ACT
Mount Clear, Vic
Mount Cooper, NSW
Mount Cooper, SA
Mount Elliot, NSW
Mount Elliot, Qld
Mount George, NSW
Mount George, SA
Mount Hope, NSW
Mount Hope, SA
Mount Hutton, NSW
Mount Hutton, Qld
Mount Lindesay, Qld
Mount Lindesay, WA
Mount Observation, SA
Mount Observation, WA
Mount Olive, NSW 2330 at (151.225,-32.407)
Mount Olive, NSW 2787 at (149.934,-33.605)
Mount Pleasant, NSW
Mount Pleasant, Qld 4521 at (152.764,-27.149)
Mount Pleasant, Qld 4740 at (149.160,-21.118)
Mount Pleasant, SA
Mount Pleasant, Vic
Mount Pleasant, WA
Mount Sheridan, Qld
Mount Sheridan, WA
Mount Stuart, Qld
Mount Stuart, Tas
Mount Walker, Qld
Mount Walker, WA
Mountain Creek, NSW
Mountain Creek, Qld
Mountain View, NSW
Mountain View, Vic
Mowbray, Qld
Mowbray, Tas
Mulgrave, NSW
Mulgrave, Qld
Mulgrave, Vic
Mungindi, NSW
Mungindi, Qld
Murchison, Vic
Murchison, WA
Murphys Creek, Qld
Murphys Creek, Vic
Myall, Vic 3533 at (142.756,-35.537)
Myall, Vic 3579 at (144.020,-35.601)
Myall Park, NSW
Myall Park, Qld
Myalla, NSW
Myalla, Tas
Myola, NSW
Myola, Vic
Myrtle Bank, SA
Myrtle Bank, Tas
Myrtle Creek, NSW
Myrtle Creek, Vic
Narbethong, Qld
Narbethong, Vic
Narrung, SA
Narrung, Vic
Nelson, NSW 2550 at (149.958,-36.668)
Nelson, NSW 2765 at (150.921,-33.646)
Nelson, Vic
Nelson Bay, NSW
Nelson Bay, Tas
Netherby, Qld
Netherby, SA
Netherby, Vic
New Town, SA
New Town, Tas
Newbridge, NSW
Newbridge, Vic
Newington, NSW
Newington, Vic
Newlands, Qld
Newlands, WA
Newport, NSW
Newport, Qld
Newport, Vic
Newstead, NSW
Newstead, Qld
Newstead, Tas
Newstead, Vic
Newtown, NSW
Newtown, Qld 4305 at (152.777,-27.616)
Newtown, Qld 4350 at (151.933,-27.556)
Newtown, Vic 3220 at (144.335,-38.154)
Newtown, Vic 3351 at (143.659,-37.703)
Nicholson, NT
Nicholson, Qld
Nicholson, Vic
Nine Mile, Qld
Nine Mile, Vic
Nirimba, Qld
Nirimba, WA
Normanville, SA
Normanville, Vic
North Arm, NSW
North Arm, Qld
North Beach, SA
North Beach, WA
North Branch, Qld 4356 at (151.627,-27.846)
North Branch, Qld 4370 at (152.318,-28.021)
North Haven, NSW
North Haven, SA
North Shore, NSW
North Shore, Vic
Northbridge, NSW
Northbridge, WA
Northgate, Qld
Northgate, SA
Northwood, NSW
Northwood, Vic
Norwood, SA
Norwood, Tas
Nyora, NSW
Nyora, Vic
O'Connell, NSW
O'Connell, Qld
O'Connor, ACT
O'Connor, WA
Oak Valley, Qld
Oak Valley, SA
Oakdale, NSW
Oakdale, Qld
Oakhurst, NSW
Oakhurst, Qld
Oakwood, NSW
Oakwood, Qld
Oatlands, NSW
Oatlands, Tas
Olinda, NSW
Olinda, Vic
One Mile, NSW
One Mile, Qld
Orange Grove, NSW
Orange Grove, WA
Orford, Tas
Orford, Vic
Osborne, NSW
Osborne, Qld
Osborne, SA
Osterley, NSW
Osterley, Tas
Oxley, ACT
Oxley, NSW 2711 at (144.060,-34.030)
Oxley, NSW 2824 at (147.621,-30.982)
Oxley, Qld
Oxley, Vic
Oyster Cove, NSW
Oyster Cove, Tas
Paddington, NSW
Paddington, Qld
Paddys Flat, NSW 2469 at (152.429,-28.695)
Paddys Flat, NSW 2632 at (149.336,-37.037)
Paddys River, ACT
Paddys River, NSW 2577 at (150.127,-34.628)
Paddys River, NSW 2653 at (148.172,-35.760)
Paling Yards, NSW 2580 at (149.732,-34.115)
Paling Yards, NSW 2795 at (149.744,-33.183)
Palm Beach, NSW
Palm Beach, Qld
Palm Grove, NSW
Palm Grove, Qld
Palmdale, NSW
Palmdale, WA
Palmer, Qld
Palmer, SA
Palmer, WA
Palmerston, ACT
Palmerston, Qld
Palmwoods, NSW
Palmwoods, Qld
Palmyra, Qld
Palmyra, WA
Panitya, SA
Panitya, Vic
Paradise, NSW
Paradise, SA
Paradise, Tas
Paradise, Vic
Paradise, WA
Parkes, ACT
Parkes, NSW
Parklands, Qld
Parklands, Tas
Parklands, WA
Parkside, Qld
Parkside, SA
Parkville, NSW
Parkville, Vic
Parkwood, Qld
Parkwood, WA
Paterson, NSW
Paterson, Qld
Paynesville, Vic
Paynesville, WA
Peak Hill, NSW
Peak Hill, WA
Pelham, Qld
Pelham, Tas
Pelican, NSW
Pelican, Qld
Pelican Point, SA
Pelican Point, WA
Penshurst, NSW
Penshurst, Vic
Perth, Tas
Perth, WA
Peterborough, SA
Peterborough, Vic
Pheasant Creek, Qld
Pheasant Creek, Vic
Piccadilly, SA
Piccadilly, WA
Picton, NSW
Picton, WA
Pimlico, NSW
Pimlico, Qld
Pine Creek, NT
Pine Creek, Qld
Pine Creek, SA
Pine Grove, NSW
Pine Grove, Vic
Pine Hill, Qld
Pine Hill, SA
Pine Lodge, NSW
Pine Lodge, Vic
Pine Mountain, Qld
Pine Mountain, Vic
Pinelands, NT
Pinelands, Qld
Pinnacle, NSW
Pinnacle, Qld
Pioneer, Qld
Pioneer, Tas
Plenty, Tas
Plenty, Vic
Plumpton, NSW
Plumpton, Vic
Pomona, NSW
Pomona, Qld
Port Arthur, SA
Port Arthur, Tas
Portland, NSW
Portland, Vic
Prairie, Qld
Prairie, Vic
Preston, Qld 4352 at (151.971,-27.654)
Preston, Qld 4800 at (148.658,-20.394)
Preston, Tas
Preston, Vic
Pretty Beach, NSW 2257 at (151.348,-33.526)
Pretty Beach, NSW 2539 at (150.352,-35.578)
Prospect, NSW
Prospect, Qld
Prospect, SA
Prospect, Tas
Punchbowl, NSW 2196 at (151.052,-33.929)
Punchbowl, NSW 2460 at (152.772,-29.463)
Punchbowl, Tas
Queens Park, NSW
Queens Park, WA
Queenscliff, NSW
Queenscliff, Vic
Queenstown, SA
Queenstown, Tas
Raglan, NSW
Raglan, Qld
Raglan, Vic
Ramsay, Qld
Ramsay, SA
Rangemore, Qld 4352 at (151.670,-26.998)
Rangemore, Qld 4806 at (147.404,-19.990)
Ravenswood, NSW
Ravenswood, Qld
Ravenswood, Tas
Ravenswood, Vic
Ravenswood, WA
Ravensworth, NSW
Ravensworth, Qld
Red Hill, ACT
Red Hill, NSW 2347 at (150.634,-30.494)
Red Hill, NSW 2720 at (148.372,-35.158)
Red Hill, NSW 2824 at (147.794,-31.735)
Red Hill, Qld 4059 at (153.002,-27.452)
Red Hill, Qld 4877 at (150.645,-26.644)
Red Hill, Vic
Red Hill, WA
Redbank, NSW
Redbank, Qld
Redbank, Vic
Redbank, WA
Redcliffe, Qld
Redcliffe, WA
Redgate, Qld
Redgate, WA
Reedy Creek, NSW
Reedy Creek, Qld
Reedy Creek, SA
Reedy Creek, Vic
Reefton, NSW
Reefton, Vic
Regents Park, NSW
Regents Park, Qld
Reid, ACT
Reid, SA
Reservoir, Vic
Reservoir, WA
Retreat, NSW
Retreat, Tas
Richlands, NSW
Richlands, Qld
Richmond, NSW
Richmond, Qld 4740 at (149.141,-21.088)
Richmond, Qld 4822 at (143.237,-20.762)
Richmond, SA
Richmond, Tas
Richmond, Vic
Richmond Hill, NSW
Richmond Hill, Qld
Ridgewood, Qld
Ridgewood, WA
Ringwood, NSW
Ringwood, Qld
Ringwood, Vic
Riverside, NSW
Riverside, Tas
Riverside, Vic
Riverton, Qld
Riverton, SA
Riverton, WA
Riverview, NSW
Riverview, Qld
Robertson, NSW
Robertson, Qld
Rochester, SA
Rochester, Vic
Rockingham, Qld
Rockingham, WA
Rocklea, Qld
Rocklea, WA
Rocky Creek, NSW 2371 at (151.352,-29.269)
Rocky Creek, NSW 2390 at (150.200,-30.051)
Rocky Creek, Qld
Rocky Gully, SA
Rocky Gully, WA
Rocky Plain, NSW
Rocky Plain, SA
Rocky Point, NSW
Rocky Point, Qld 4873 at (145.419,-16.388)
Rocky Point, Qld 4874 at (141.885,-12.622)
Rocky Point, SA
Rocky Point, Vic
Rocky River, NSW 2358 at (151.459,-30.597)
Rocky River, NSW 2372 at (152.307,-29.185)
Rokeby, Tas
Rokeby, Vic
Rookwood, NSW
Rookwood, Qld
Rose Bay, NSW
Rose Bay, Tas
Rose Valley, NSW 2534 at (150.809,-34.718)
Rose Valley, NSW 2630 at (149.258,-36.124)
Rosebery, NSW
Rosebery, NT
Rosebery, Tas
Rosebery, Vic
Rosebrook, NSW
Rosebrook, Vic
Rosedale, NSW
Rosedale, Qld
Rosedale, SA
Rosedale, Vic
Rosehill, NSW
Rosehill, Qld
Rosevale, Qld
Rosevale, Tas
Rosewood, NSW 2446 at (152.686,-31.458)
Rosewood, NSW 2652 at (147.852,-35.653)
Rosewood, Qld
Ross, NT
Ross, Tas
Ross Creek, Qld
Ross Creek, Vic
Rossmore, NSW
Rossmore, WA
Round Hill, Qld
Round Hill, Tas
Running Creek, Qld
Running Creek, Vic
Runnymede, Qld
Runnymede, Tas
Runnymede, Vic
Ryan, NSW
Ryan, Qld
Safety Beach, NSW
Safety Beach, Vic
Salisbury, NSW
Salisbury, Qld
Salisbury, SA
San Remo, NSW
San Remo, Vic
San Remo, WA
Sandford, Tas
Sandford, Vic
Sandgate, NSW
Sandgate, Qld
Sandilands, NSW
Sandilands, SA
Sandon, NSW
Sandon, Vic
Sandringham, NSW
Sandringham, Qld
Sandringham, Vic
Sandy Creek, NSW 2338 at (150.985,-31.831)
Sandy Creek, NSW 2835 at (145.436,-31.920)
Sandy Creek, Qld
Sandy Creek, SA
Sandy Creek, Vic
Sandy Gully, NSW
Sandy Gully, WA
Sandy Point, NSW
Sandy Point, Vic
Sassafras, NSW
Sassafras, Tas
Sassafras, Vic
Scarborough, NSW
Scarborough, Qld
Scarborough, WA
Scotts Creek, NSW
Scotts Creek, Vic
Scrubby Creek, Qld 4570 at (152.573,-26.222)
Scrubby Creek, Qld 4878 at (145.720,-25.548)
Seaford, SA
Seaford, Vic
Seaforth, NSW
Seaforth, Qld
Seaton, SA
Seaton, Vic
Sebastopol, NSW
Sebastopol, SA
Sebastopol, Vic
Seddon, SA
Seddon, Vic
Selwyn, Qld
Selwyn, Vic
Serpentine, Vic
Serpentine, WA
Seven Hills, NSW
Seven Hills, Qld
Seymour, Tas
Seymour, Vic
Shadforth, NSW
Shadforth, WA
Shannon, Tas
Shannon, WA
Shannonvale, Qld
Shannonvale, Vic
Shelley, Vic
Shelley, WA
Shelly Beach, NSW
Shelly Beach, Qld 4551 at (153.146,-26.797)
Shelly Beach, Qld 4810 at (146.753,-19.185)
Sherlock, SA
Sherlock, WA
Sherwood, NSW 2440 at (152.714,-31.064)
Sherwood, NSW 2450 at (153.045,-30.031)
Sherwood, NSW 2474 at (152.782,-28.427)
Sherwood, Qld
Sherwood, SA
Shoal Bay, NSW
Shoal Bay, NT
Shoalwater, Qld
Shoalwater, WA
Silverdale, NSW
Silverdale, Qld
Silverton, NSW
Silverton, SA
Silverwater, NSW 2128 at (151.046,-33.834)
Silverwater, NSW 2264 at (151.558,-33.103)
Simpson, NT
Simpson, Vic
Singleton, NSW
Singleton, WA
Skye, SA
Skye, Vic
Smithfield, NSW
Smithfield, Qld
Smithfield, SA
Smiths Creek, NSW 2460 at (152.729,-29.505)
Smiths Creek, NSW 2474 at (152.854,-28.564)
Smiths Creek, NSW 2484 at (153.378,-28.428)
Soldiers Hill, Qld
Soldiers Hill, Vic
Somerset, Qld
Somerset, Tas
Somerton, NSW
Somerton, Vic
Somerville, Vic
Somerville, WA
Sorrento, Vic
Sorrento, WA
South Arm, NSW 2449 at (152.740,-30.689)
South Arm, NSW 2460 at (153.171,-29.521)
South Arm, Tas
Southampton, NSW
Southampton, WA
Southern Cross, Qld
Southern Cross, Vic
Southern Cross, WA
Southport, NT
Southport, Qld
Southport, Tas
Spalding, SA
Spalding, WA
Speewa, NSW
Speewa, Vic
Spence, ACT
Spence, SA
Spring Creek, NSW
Spring Creek, Qld 4343 at (152.331,-27.452)
Spring Creek, Qld 4361 at (152.023,-27.957)
Spring Creek, Qld 4420 at (150.031,-25.402)
Spring Farm, NSW
Spring Farm, SA
Spring Gully, SA
Spring Gully, Vic
Spring Hill, NSW 2500 at (150.870,-34.453)
Spring Hill, NSW 2800 at (149.150,-33.403)
Spring Hill, Qld
Spring Hill, Vic
Spring Mountain, NSW
Spring Mountain, Qld
Springdale, NSW
Springdale, Qld
Springfield, NSW 2250 at (151.373,-33.428)
Springfield, NSW 2630 at (149.124,-36.532)
Springfield, Qld 4300 at (152.910,-27.653)
Springfield, Qld 4871 at (144.516,-17.932)
Springfield, SA
Springfield, Tas
Springfield, Vic 3434 at (144.820,-37.331)
Springfield, Vic 3544 at (143.114,-35.575)
Springfield, WA
Springside, NSW
Springside, Qld
Springvale, NSW
Springvale, Qld
Springvale, Vic
Springwood, NSW
Springwood, Qld
St. Agnes, Qld
St. Agnes, SA
St. Albans, NSW
St. Albans, Vic
St. Andrews, NSW
St. Andrews, Vic
St. Clair, NSW 2330 at (151.271,-32.362)
St. Clair, NSW 2759 at (150.785,-33.797)
St. Clair, SA
St. Clair, Vic
St. George, NSW
St. George, Qld
St. Helens, Qld 4356 at (151.479,-27.674)
St. Helens, Qld 4650 at (152.705,-25.486)
St. Helens, Tas
St. Helens, Vic
St. Ives, NSW
St. Ives, SA
St. James, Vic
St. James, WA
St. Kilda, Qld
St. Kilda, SA
St. Kilda, Vic
St. Leonards, NSW
St. Leonards, Tas
St. Leonards, Vic
St. Marys, NSW
St. Marys, SA
St. Marys, Tas
St. Peters, NSW
St. Peters, SA
Stanhope, NSW
Stanhope, Vic
Stanley, SA
Stanley, Tas
Stanley, Vic
Stanmore, NSW
Stanmore, Qld
Steiglitz, Qld
Steiglitz, Vic
Stewarton, Qld
Stewarton, Vic
Stirling, ACT
Stirling, SA
Stirling, Vic
Stirling, WA
Stockton, NSW
Stockton, Qld
Stockyard, Qld 4344 at (152.063,-27.659)
Stockyard, Qld 4703 at (150.789,-22.850)
Stockyard Creek, NSW
Stockyard Creek, SA
Stonehenge, NSW
Stonehenge, Qld 4357 at (151.386,-28.103)
Stonehenge, Qld 4730 at (142.703,-24.250)
Stonehenge, Tas
Stoneleigh, Qld
Stoneleigh, Vic
Stony Creek, NSW 2550 at (149.801,-36.618)
Stony Creek, NSW 2850 at (149.730,-32.475)
Stony Creek, Qld
Stony Creek, Vic 3371 at (143.687,-37.227)
Stony Creek, Vic 3957 at (146.091,-38.593)
Stratford, NSW
Stratford, Qld
Stratford, Vic
Strathalbyn, SA
Strathalbyn, WA
Strathfield, NSW
Strathfield, Qld
Strathmore, Qld
Strathmore, Vic
Strzelecki, Tas
Strzelecki, Vic
Stuart, NT
Stuart, Qld
Stuart, SA
Sturt, Qld
Sturt, SA
Sugarloaf, NSW
Sugarloaf, Qld 4380 at (152.031,-28.710)
Sugarloaf, Qld 4800 at (148.631,-20.311)
Sugarloaf, Vic
Summer Hill, NSW 2130 at (151.137,-33.893)
Summer Hill, NSW 2421 at (151.501,-32.479)
Sun Valley, NSW
Sun Valley, Qld
Sundown, Qld 4860 at (146.024,-17.498)
Sundown, Qld 4879 at (151.661,-28.857)
Sunnyside, Qld
Sunnyside, SA
Sunnyside, Tas
Sunnyside, WA
Sunset Strip, NSW
Sunset Strip, Vic
Sunshine, NSW
Sunshine, Vic
Surf Beach, NSW
Surf Beach, Vic
Sutherland, NSW
Sutherland, Vic
Sutton, NSW
Sutton, Vic
Swan Bay, NSW 2324 at (151.935,-32.693)
Swan Bay, NSW 2471 at (153.293,-29.078)
Swan Bay, Tas
Swan Bay, Vic
Swan Creek, NSW
Swan Creek, Qld
Swan Reach, SA
Swan Reach, Vic
Swansea, NSW
Swansea, Tas
Sydenham, NSW
Sydenham, Vic
Tablelands, NT
Tablelands, Qld 4605 at (151.940,-26.162)
Tablelands, Qld 4680 at (150.898,-24.334)
Talbot, Vic
Talbot, WA
Tanami, NT
Tanami, WA
Tara, NSW
Tara, NT
Tara, Qld
Taradale, NSW
Taradale, Vic
Taunton, Qld
Taunton, SA
Taylors Beach, NSW
Taylors Beach, Qld
Teesdale, Vic
Teesdale, WA
Tennyson, NSW
Tennyson, Qld
Tennyson, SA
Tennyson, Vic
Tenterden, NSW
Tenterden, WA
Texas, NSW
Texas, Qld
The Basin, NSW
The Basin, Vic
The Bluff, Qld 4340 at (152.533,-27.614)
The Bluff, Qld 4355 at (152.140,-27.197)
The Gap, NSW 2472 at (153.382,-29.170)
The Gap, NSW 2650 at (147.213,-34.954)
The Gap, NT
The Gap, Qld 4061 at (152.941,-27.446)
The Gap, Qld 4825 at (139.499,-20.726)
The Gap, SA
The Gardens, NT
The Gardens, Tas
The Glen, NSW
The Glen, Qld
The Narrows, NT
The Narrows, Qld
The Pines, Qld
The Pines, SA
The Range, Qld
The Range, SA
The Rocks, NSW 2000 at (151.208,-33.859)
The Rocks, NSW 2795 at (149.425,-33.430)
Theodore, ACT
Theodore, Qld
Theresa Creek, NSW
Theresa Creek, Qld
Thomson, Vic 3219 at (144.379,-38.170)
Thomson, Vic 3825 at (146.345,-37.756)
Thornton, NSW
Thornton, Qld
Thornton, Vic
Timbarra, NSW
Timbarra, Vic
Timor, NSW
Timor, Vic
Tipperary, NSW
Tipperary, NT
Toongabbie, NSW
Toongabbie, Vic
Toora, SA
Toora, Vic
Torquay, Qld
Torquay, Vic
Torrington, NSW
Torrington, Qld
Torryburn, NSW 2358 at (151.204,-30.446)
Torryburn, NSW 2421 at (151.581,-32.473)
Tottenham, NSW
Tottenham, Vic
Trafalgar, Vic
Trafalgar, WA
Tranmere, SA
Tranmere, Tas
Tyenna, Tas
Tyenna, Vic
Underwood, Qld
Underwood, Tas
Uralla, NSW
Uralla, NT
Valentine, NSW
Valentine, WA
Ventnor, Qld
Ventnor, Vic
Venus Bay, SA
Venus Bay, Vic
Victoria Point, Qld
Victoria Point, Vic
Victoria Valley, Tas
Victoria Valley, Vic
Victory Heights, Qld
Victory Heights, WA
Virginia, NT
Virginia, Qld
Virginia, SA
Vittoria, NSW
Vittoria, WA
Walkerville, SA
Walkerville, Vic
Wallaroo, NSW
Wallaroo, Qld
Wallaroo, SA
Wallaroo, WA
Walmer, NSW
Walmer, Vic
Wandana, SA
Wandana, WA
Wandella, NSW
Wandella, Vic
Wangaratta, Qld
Wangaratta, Vic
Waratah, NSW
Waratah, Tas
Warburton, Qld
Warburton, Vic
Warburton, WA
Warroo, NSW
Warroo, Qld
Warwick, Qld
Warwick, WA
Washpool, NSW 2425 at (151.921,-32.369)
Washpool, NSW 2460 at (152.381,-29.296)
Washpool, Qld
Washpool, SA
Waterford, Qld
Waterford, WA
Waterloo, NSW
Waterloo, Qld
Waterloo, SA
Waterloo, Tas
Waterloo, Vic
Waterloo, WA
Watsons Creek, NSW
Watsons Creek, Vic
Wattle Flat, NSW
Wattle Flat, SA
Wattle Flat, Vic
Wattle Grove, NSW
Wattle Grove, Qld
Wattle Grove, Tas
Wattle Grove, WA
Wattle Hill, Tas
Wattle Hill, Vic
Wattle Ridge, NSW
Wattle Ridge, Qld
Waverley, NSW
Waverley, Qld
Waverley, Tas
Wedderburn, NSW
Wedderburn, Vic
Wedge Island, SA
Wedge Island, WA
Wellesley, Qld
Wellesley, WA
Wellington, NSW
Wellington, SA
Welshpool, Vic
Welshpool, WA
Wentworth, NSW
Wentworth, Vic
West Beach, SA
West Beach, WA
West End, Qld 4101 at (153.005,-27.484)
West End, Qld 4810 at (146.794,-19.265)
West End, WA
Westbrook, NSW
Westbrook, Qld
Westbury, Tas
Westbury, Vic
Westdale, NSW 2340 at (150.853,-31.091)
Westdale, NSW 2653 at (147.884,-35.570)
Westdale, WA
Western Creek, Qld
Western Creek, Tas
Weston, ACT
Weston, NSW
Westwood, NSW
Westwood, Qld
Westwood, Tas
Westwood, WA
White Hills, Tas
White Hills, Vic
White Rock, NSW
White Rock, Qld 4306 at (152.849,-27.694)
White Rock, Qld 4868 at (145.758,-16.979)
Whitfield, Qld
Whitfield, Vic
Wickham, NSW
Wickham, NT
Wickham, Tas
Wickham, WA
Wilberforce, NSW
Wilberforce, WA
Wild Dog Valley, SA
Wild Dog Valley, Vic
Williamstown, SA
Williamstown, Vic
Williamstown, WA
Willoughby, NSW
Willoughby, SA
Willow Vale, NSW 2534 at (150.792,-34.740)
Willow Vale, NSW 2575 at (150.471,-34.432)
Willow Vale, Qld
Willowvale, Qld
Willowvale, Vic
Wilton, NSW
Wilton, NT
Windera, NSW
Windera, Qld
Windermere, NSW
Windermere, Qld
Windermere, Tas
Windermere, Vic
Windeyer, NSW
Windeyer, Qld
Windsor, NSW
Windsor, Qld
Windsor, SA
Windsor, Vic
Winton, NSW
Winton, Qld
Winton, Vic
Wishart, NT
Wishart, Qld
Wog Wog, NSW 2550 at (149.441,-37.076)
Wog Wog, NSW 2622 at (150.054,-35.264)
Wombat Creek, NSW
Wombat Creek, Vic
Woodbine, NSW
Woodbine, Qld
Woodbridge, Tas
Woodbridge, WA
Woodburn, NSW 2472 at (153.355,-29.097)
Woodburn, NSW 2538 at (150.395,-35.390)
Woodbury, Qld
Woodbury, Tas
Woodcroft, NSW
Woodcroft, SA
Woodend, Qld
Woodend, Vic
Woodford, NSW
Woodford, Qld
Woodford, Vic
Woodhill, NSW
Woodhill, Qld
Woodlands, NSW 2536 at (150.184,-35.800)
Woodlands, NSW 2575 at (150.394,-34.408)
Woodlands, Qld
Woodlands, WA
Woodleigh, Qld
Woodleigh, SA
Woodleigh, Vic
Woodleigh, WA
Woodridge, Qld
Woodridge, WA
Woods Point, SA
Woods Point, Vic
Woodside, NSW
Woodside, SA
Woodside, Vic
Woodstock, NSW 2360 at (151.350,-29.736)
Woodstock, NSW 2538 at (150.408,-35.354)
Woodstock, NSW 2793 at (148.878,-33.769)
Woodstock, Qld
Woodstock, Tas
Woodstock, Vic
Woodvale, Vic
Woodvale, WA
Woodville, NSW
Woodville, SA
Woolshed Flat, SA
Woolshed Flat, Vic
Wooroonooran, Qld 4860 at (145.806,-17.344)
Wooroonooran, Qld 9999 at (145.779,-17.550)
Worlds End, NSW
Worlds End, SA
Wrights Creek, NSW
Wrights Creek, Qld
Wyndham, NSW
Wyndham, WA
Wyuna, Qld
Wyuna, Vic
Yamba, NSW
Yamba, SA
Yarraman, NSW
Yarraman, Qld
Yarras, NSW 2446 at (152.355,-31.430)
Yarras, NSW 2795 at (149.673,-33.365)
Yarrawonga, NSW
Yarrawonga, NT
Yarrawonga, Vic
Yattalunga, NSW
Yattalunga, SA
Yellow Rock, NSW 2527 at (150.738,-34.602)
Yellow Rock, NSW 2777 at (150.634,-33.696)
Yelta, SA
Yelta, Vic
Yenda, NSW
Yenda, Qld
York Plains, Tas
York Plains, Vic

New System (after States were implemented)

Approved Name Notes
Albion 4010 in Qld at (153.044,-27.433)
Albion 4822 in Qld at (142.605,-21.328)
Alison 2259 in NSW at (151.400,-33.266)
Alison 2420 in NSW at (151.773,-32.429)
Alligator Creek 4740 in Qld at (149.218,-21.320)
Alligator Creek 4816 in Qld at (146.932,-19.411)
Ascot 4007 in Qld at (153.065,-27.430)
Ascot 4875 in Qld at (151.997,-27.826)
Ascot 3364 in Vic at (143.813,-37.396)
Ascot 3551 in Vic at (144.335,-36.708)
Back Creek 2372 in NSW at (151.729,-28.962)
Back Creek 2390 in NSW at (150.276,-30.112)
Back Creek 2422 in NSW at (152.053,-31.962)
Back Creek 2484 in NSW at (153.170,-28.409)
Back Creek 2622 in NSW at (149.944,-35.343)
Back Creek 2671 in NSW at (147.461,-33.865)
Bakers Creek 2359 in NSW at (150.996,-30.325)
Bakers Creek 2422 in NSW at (152.101,-31.973)
Bakers Creek 2447 in NSW at (152.715,-30.827)
Balmoral 2283 in NSW at (151.579,-33.046)
Balmoral 2571 in NSW at (150.515,-34.303)
Barry 2340 in NSW at (151.284,-31.600)
Barry 2799 in NSW at (149.267,-33.647)
Bellfield 3081 in Vic at (145.038,-37.753)
Bellfield 3381 in Vic at (142.489,-37.225)
Big Hill 3231 in Vic at (144.008,-38.478)
Big Hill 3555 in Vic at (144.230,-36.836)
Birnam 4285 in Qld at (153.059,-27.950)
Birnam 4352 in Qld at (151.926,-27.493)
Black Creek 2439 in NSW at (152.639,-31.586)
Black Creek 2729 in NSW at (148.034,-35.329)
Boat Harbour 2316 in NSW at (152.110,-32.784)
Boat Harbour 2480 in NSW at (153.369,-28.778)
Broadwater 2472 in NSW at (153.426,-29.035)
Broadwater 2549 in NSW at (149.894,-36.973)
Burra 2620 in NSW at (149.224,-35.559)
Burra 2653 in NSW at (148.090,-35.828)
Cabbage Tree Island 2430 in NSW at (152.590,-31.946)
Cabbage Tree Island 2477 in NSW at (153.457,-28.981)
Cannon Creek 4310 in Qld at (152.729,-28.079)
Cannon Creek 4380 in Qld at (151.874,-28.606)
Carrington 2294 in NSW at (151.766,-32.913)
Carrington 2324 in NSW at (152.018,-32.660)
Cattle Creek 4407 in Qld at (150.799,-27.676)
Cattle Creek 4626 in Qld at (151.301,-25.457)
Cedar Creek 2325 in NSW at (151.172,-32.838)
Cedar Creek 2484 in NSW at (153.262,-28.418)
Cedar Creek 4207 in Qld at (153.184,-27.840)
Cedar Creek 4520 in Qld at (152.819,-27.333)
Clontarf 4019 in Qld at (153.077,-27.244)
Clontarf 4357 in Qld at (151.228,-27.972)
Colo 2756 in NSW at (150.807,-33.416)
Colo 2795 in NSW at (149.265,-33.779)
Dalwood 2335 in NSW at (151.415,-32.627)
Dalwood 2477 in NSW at (153.413,-28.894)
Darlington 2008 in NSW at (151.193,-33.891)
Darlington 2330 in NSW at (151.161,-32.559)
Deep Creek 2440 in NSW at (152.707,-30.968)
Deep Creek 2460 in NSW at (152.668,-29.162)
Deep Creek 2469 in NSW at (152.683,-28.969)
Douglas 4354 in Qld at (151.906,-27.320)
Douglas 4814 in Qld at (146.751,-19.325)
Dural 2158 in NSW at (151.041,-33.684)
Dural 2330 in NSW at (150.862,-32.580)
Elderslie 2335 in NSW at (151.351,-32.582)
Elderslie 2570 in NSW at (150.715,-34.057)
Ellerslie 2648 in NSW at (142.028,-33.824)
Ellerslie 2729 in NSW at (147.909,-35.309)
Elphinstone 4361 in Qld at (151.892,-27.983)
Elphinstone 4742 in Qld at (148.215,-21.506)
Enmore 2042 in NSW at (151.171,-33.900)
Enmore 2350 in NSW at (151.834,-30.731)
Fairy Dell 3561 in Vic at (144.732,-36.324)
Fairy Dell 3875 in Vic at (147.757,-37.689)
Gilberton 4208 in Qld at (153.273,-27.742)
Gilberton 4871 in Qld at (143.692,-19.279)
Glenroy 2640 in NSW at (146.899,-36.052)
Glenroy 2653 in NSW at (147.883,-35.749)
Golden Point 3350 in Vic at (143.865,-37.574)
Golden Point 3451 in Vic at (144.274,-37.064)
Golden Point 3465 in Vic at (143.761,-37.091)
Gowrie 2330 in NSW at (151.148,-32.565)
Gowrie 2340 in NSW at (150.825,-31.345)
Green Hills 2365 in NSW at (151.787,-30.267)
Green Hills 2730 in NSW at (148.029,-35.546)
Green Point 2251 in NSW at (151.365,-33.454)
Green Point 2428 in NSW at (152.518,-32.250)
Greendale 2550 in NSW at (149.862,-36.585)
Greendale 2745 in NSW at (150.663,-33.928)
Greenlands 2330 in NSW at (151.164,-32.362)
Greenlands 2631 in NSW at (149.444,-36.518)
Greenmount 4359 in Qld at (151.893,-27.776)
Greenmount 4751 in Qld at (149.035,-21.184)
Gregory River 4660 in Qld at (152.215,-25.100)
Gregory River 4800 in Qld at (148.502,-20.250)
Happy Valley 3360 in Vic at (143.596,-37.728)
Happy Valley 3549 in Vic at (142.716,-34.698)
Highland Plains 4401 in Qld at (151.762,-27.268)
Highland Plains 4454 in Qld at (148.755,-25.870)
Hill Top 2575 in NSW at (150.487,-34.347)
Hill Top 2628 in NSW at (148.693,-36.333)
Hillgrove 2350 in NSW at (151.968,-30.612)
Hillgrove 2650 in NSW at (147.356,-35.044)
Hillsborough 2290 in NSW at (151.674,-32.962)
Hillsborough 2320 in NSW at (151.476,-32.633)
Hillside 3037 in Vic at (144.742,-37.690)
Hillside 3875 in Vic at (147.516,-37.841)
Huntley 2530 in NSW at (150.736,-34.498)
Huntley 2800 in NSW at (149.126,-33.369)
Ironpot 4610 in Qld at (151.445,-26.597)
Ironpot 4701 in Qld at (150.601,-23.262)
Killara 3312 in Vic at (141.400,-37.752)
Killara 3691 in Vic at (146.950,-36.140)
Kings Plains 2360 in NSW at (151.413,-29.602)
Kings Plains 2799 in NSW at (149.327,-33.490)
Kingswood 2340 in NSW at (150.928,-31.161)
Kingswood 2550 in NSW at (149.822,-36.742)
Kingswood 2747 in NSW at (150.724,-33.764)
Lambs Valley 2335 in NSW at (151.464,-32.570)
Lambs Valley 2370 in NSW at (151.796,-29.814)
Lansdowne 2163 in NSW at (150.975,-33.896)
Lansdowne 2430 in NSW at (152.515,-31.761)
Lilli Pilli 2229 in NSW at (151.114,-34.069)
Lilli Pilli 2536 in NSW at (150.222,-35.774)
Lilyvale 4352 in Qld at (151.875,-27.433)
Lilyvale 4723 in Qld at (148.437,-23.151)
Limeburners Creek 2324 in NSW at (151.912,-32.579)
Limeburners Creek 2444 in NSW at (152.900,-31.331)
Long Plain 2360 in NSW at (151.236,-29.765)
Long Plain 2629 in NSW at (148.581,-35.662)
Long Point 2330 in NSW at (151.121,-32.565)
Long Point 2564 in NSW at (150.897,-34.011)
Lyndhurst 2350 in NSW at (152.044,-30.356)
Lyndhurst 2797 in NSW at (148.992,-33.685)
Mackenzie 4156 in Qld at (153.129,-27.540)
Mackenzie 4702 in Qld at (149.392,-23.128)
Maryland 2287 in NSW at (151.662,-32.880)
Maryland 4377 in NSW at (152.046,-28.539)
Maryvale 4370 in Qld at (152.267,-28.076)
Maryvale 4703 in Qld at (150.618,-22.980)
Mayfield 2304 in NSW at (151.738,-32.898)
Mayfield 2540 in NSW at (150.668,-34.920)
Mayfield 2580 in NSW at (149.782,-35.236)
Mayfield 2787 in NSW at (149.775,-33.667)
Merrijig 3723 in Vic at (146.313,-37.078)
Merrijig 3875 in Vic at (147.442,-37.656)
Milroy 2380 in NSW at (150.048,-31.142)
Milroy 2850 in NSW at (149.621,-32.593)
Mogo 2536 in NSW at (150.102,-35.794)
Mogo 2850 in NSW at (150.022,-32.259)
Montrose 4370 in Qld at (151.779,-28.156)
Montrose 4413 in Qld at (150.615,-27.013)
Moonlight Flat 3450 in Vic at (144.246,-37.062)
Moonlight Flat 3465 in Vic at (143.650,-37.048)
Morven 2370 in NSW at (152.164,-29.410)
Morven 2660 in NSW at (147.155,-35.652)
Mount Archer 4514 in Qld at (152.663,-27.001)
Mount Archer 4701 in Qld at (150.582,-23.326)
Mount Olive 2330 in NSW at (151.225,-32.407)
Mount Olive 2787 in NSW at (149.934,-33.605)
Mount Pleasant 4521 in Qld at (152.764,-27.149)
Mount Pleasant 4740 in Qld at (149.160,-21.118)
Myall 3533 in Vic at (142.756,-35.537)
Myall 3579 in Vic at (144.020,-35.601)
Nelson 2550 in NSW at (149.958,-36.668)
Nelson 2765 in NSW at (150.921,-33.646)
Newtown 4305 in Qld at (152.777,-27.616)
Newtown 4350 in Qld at (151.933,-27.556)
Newtown 3220 in Vic at (144.335,-38.154)
Newtown 3351 in Vic at (143.659,-37.703)
North Branch 4356 in Qld at (151.627,-27.846)
North Branch 4370 in Qld at (152.318,-28.021)
Oxley 2711 in NSW at (144.060,-34.030)
Oxley 2824 in NSW at (147.621,-30.982)
Paddys Flat 2469 in NSW at (152.429,-28.695)
Paddys Flat 2632 in NSW at (149.336,-37.037)
Paddys River 2577 in NSW at (150.127,-34.628)
Paddys River 2653 in NSW at (148.172,-35.760)
Paling Yards 2580 in NSW at (149.732,-34.115)
Paling Yards 2795 in NSW at (149.744,-33.183)
Preston 4352 in Qld at (151.971,-27.654)
Preston 4800 in Qld at (148.658,-20.394)
Pretty Beach 2257 in NSW at (151.348,-33.526)
Pretty Beach 2539 in NSW at (150.352,-35.578)
Punchbowl 2196 in NSW at (151.052,-33.929)
Punchbowl 2460 in NSW at (152.772,-29.463)
Rangemore 4352 in Qld at (151.670,-26.998)
Rangemore 4806 in Qld at (147.404,-19.990)
Red Hill 2347 in NSW at (150.634,-30.494)
Red Hill 2720 in NSW at (148.372,-35.158)
Red Hill 2824 in NSW at (147.794,-31.735)
Red Hill 4059 in Qld at (153.002,-27.452)
Red Hill 4877 in Qld at (150.645,-26.644)
Richmond 4740 in Qld at (149.141,-21.088)
Richmond 4822 in Qld at (143.237,-20.762)
Rocky Creek 2371 in NSW at (151.352,-29.269)
Rocky Creek 2390 in NSW at (150.200,-30.051)
Rocky Point 4873 in Qld at (145.419,-16.388)
Rocky Point 4874 in Qld at (141.885,-12.622)
Rocky River 2358 in NSW at (151.459,-30.597)
Rocky River 2372 in NSW at (152.307,-29.185)
Rose Valley 2534 in NSW at (150.809,-34.718)
Rose Valley 2630 in NSW at (149.258,-36.124)
Rosewood 2446 in NSW at (152.686,-31.458)
Rosewood 2652 in NSW at (147.852,-35.653)
Sandy Creek 2338 in NSW at (150.985,-31.831)
Sandy Creek 2835 in NSW at (145.436,-31.920)
Scrubby Creek 4570 in Qld at (152.573,-26.222)
Scrubby Creek 4878 in Qld at (145.720,-25.548)
Shelly Beach 4551 in Qld at (153.146,-26.797)
Shelly Beach 4810 in Qld at (146.753,-19.185)
Sherwood 2440 in NSW at (152.714,-31.064)
Sherwood 2450 in NSW at (153.045,-30.031)
Sherwood 2474 in NSW at (152.782,-28.427)
Silverwater 2128 in NSW at (151.046,-33.834)
Silverwater 2264 in NSW at (151.558,-33.103)
Smiths Creek 2460 in NSW at (152.729,-29.505)
Smiths Creek 2474 in NSW at (152.854,-28.564)
Smiths Creek 2484 in NSW at (153.378,-28.428)
South Arm 2449 in NSW at (152.740,-30.689)
South Arm 2460 in NSW at (153.171,-29.521)
Spring Creek 4343 in Qld at (152.331,-27.452)
Spring Creek 4361 in Qld at (152.023,-27.957)
Spring Creek 4420 in Qld at (150.031,-25.402)
Spring Hill 2500 in NSW at (150.870,-34.453)
Spring Hill 2800 in NSW at (149.150,-33.403)
Springfield 2250 in NSW at (151.373,-33.428)
Springfield 2630 in NSW at (149.124,-36.532)
Springfield 4300 in Qld at (152.910,-27.653)
Springfield 4871 in Qld at (144.516,-17.932)
Springfield 3434 in Vic at (144.820,-37.331)
Springfield 3544 in Vic at (143.114,-35.575)
St. Clair 2330 in NSW at (151.271,-32.362)
St. Clair 2759 in NSW at (150.785,-33.797)
St. Helens 4356 in Qld at (151.479,-27.674)
St. Helens 4650 in Qld at (152.705,-25.486)
Stockyard 4344 in Qld at (152.063,-27.659)
Stockyard 4703 in Qld at (150.789,-22.850)
Stonehenge 4357 in Qld at (151.386,-28.103)
Stonehenge 4730 in Qld at (142.703,-24.250)
Stony Creek 2550 in NSW at (149.801,-36.618)
Stony Creek 2850 in NSW at (149.730,-32.475)
Stony Creek 3371 in Vic at (143.687,-37.227)
Stony Creek 3957 in Vic at (146.091,-38.593)
Sugarloaf 4380 in Qld at (152.031,-28.710)
Sugarloaf 4800 in Qld at (148.631,-20.311)
Summer Hill 2130 in NSW at (151.137,-33.893)
Summer Hill 2421 in NSW at (151.501,-32.479)
Sundown 4860 in Qld at (146.024,-17.498)
Sundown 4879 in Qld at (151.661,-28.857)
Swan Bay 2324 in NSW at (151.935,-32.693)
Swan Bay 2471 in NSW at (153.293,-29.078)
Tablelands 4605 in Qld at (151.940,-26.162)
Tablelands 4680 in Qld at (150.898,-24.334)
The Bluff 4340 in Qld at (152.533,-27.614)
The Bluff 4355 in Qld at (152.140,-27.197)
The Gap 2472 in NSW at (153.382,-29.170)
The Gap 2650 in NSW at (147.213,-34.954)
The Gap 4061 in Qld at (152.941,-27.446)
The Gap 4825 in Qld at (139.499,-20.726)
The Rocks 2000 in NSW at (151.208,-33.859)
The Rocks 2795 in NSW at (149.425,-33.430)
Thomson 3219 in Vic at (144.379,-38.170)
Thomson 3825 in Vic at (146.345,-37.756)
Torryburn 2358 in NSW at (151.204,-30.446)
Torryburn 2421 in NSW at (151.581,-32.473)
Washpool 2425 in NSW at (151.921,-32.369)
Washpool 2460 in NSW at (152.381,-29.296)
West End 4101 in Qld at (153.005,-27.484)
West End 4810 in Qld at (146.794,-19.265)
Westdale 2340 in NSW at (150.853,-31.091)
Westdale 2653 in NSW at (147.884,-35.570)
White Rock 4306 in Qld at (152.849,-27.694)
White Rock 4868 in Qld at (145.758,-16.979)
Willow Vale 2534 in NSW at (150.792,-34.740)
Willow Vale 2575 in NSW at (150.471,-34.432)
Wog Wog 2550 in NSW at (149.441,-37.076)
Wog Wog 2622 in NSW at (150.054,-35.264)
Woodburn 2472 in NSW at (153.355,-29.097)
Woodburn 2538 in NSW at (150.395,-35.390)
Woodlands 2536 in NSW at (150.184,-35.800)
Woodlands 2575 in NSW at (150.394,-34.408)
Woodstock 2360 in NSW at (151.350,-29.736)
Woodstock 2538 in NSW at (150.408,-35.354)
Woodstock 2793 in NSW at (148.878,-33.769)
Wooroonooran 4860 in Qld at (145.806,-17.344)
Wooroonooran 9999 in Qld at (145.779,-17.550)
Yarras 2446 in NSW at (152.355,-31.430)
Yarras 2795 in NSW at (149.673,-33.365)
Yellow Rock 2527 in NSW at (150.738,-34.602)
Yellow Rock 2777 in NSW at (150.634,-33.696)

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