Community Leaders History

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Waze APAC Staff

Waze Staff members represent Waze in the Asia Pacific region. For editing queries, questions are best directed at the State/Country Managers, not Waze staff.

  • dpanics (Waze Community Manager, Level 7)
  • Ottolenga (Waze Community Manager, Level 7)

Australian Leadership Team

The Australian Leadership Team are the Australia's internal management, and are responsible for country management decisions, such as user management, approvals, and policy changes to editing in Australia.

  • LostInMyMaps (Australian Coordinator, Country Manager, Global Champ, Level 6)
  • Vestigal (Australian Coordinator, Country Manager, Local Champ, Level 5)
  • BTStar (Country Manager, Local Champ, Level 5)
  • deanonzl (Country Manager, Global Champ, Level 6)

Whole Country

State Managers

New South Wales

Australian Capital Territory

(see note below)




Northern Territory

Western Australia

South Australia


State Managers who manage New South Wales also have the Australian Capital Territory in their area. However, please defer to local managers for any questions about the ACT before asking NSW State Managers.

Area Managers

Our list of area managers is maintained using the Waze forum usergroup for Australian Area Managers.

Other Roles

MTE Marshals

The MTE Marshal Role helps to promote Major Traffic Events (MTE) on Waze and collaborate with closure teams. More info on their position here. MTE Marshals also provide guidance on the creation of MTE events and RTC permissions. MTE Marshals in Australia are:

  • dizzie131
  • GBSpeedy1305
  • MiniDooper

Real Time Closure (RTC) Permissions

The following users have been given real time closure permissions in a defined polygon to assist with Major Traffic Events (MTE).

  • BTStar
  • Burdo25
  • dizzie131
  • GBSpeedy1305
  • JacksonRHarvey
  • kambingtinggi
  • keilorca
  • LostInMyMaps
  • LysdexiaEht
  • matthe3
  • MiniDooper
  • scoota
  • theclem54
  • TimAThing
  • Vestigal

Waze for Cities - Partners Coordinators

The partners coordinator role aims to clarify and organise the relationship and knowledge sharing between editors and partners in a specific city, region or country. The coordinator will handle general communication, mentoring etc. playing a critical role in the city's transportation flow. Each community should have 1-2 coordinators.

  • BTStar
  • Vestigal

Social Media Managers

Moderators of the Waze Australia Facebook page. Once left to idle, another 2020 project to increase our content and connection. A new marketing project is underway in 2020, so our messaging has been put on hold except for new announcements. We regularly engage with comments and private messages however.

  • lakeyboy
  • LostInMyMaps
  • Vestigal


These fine people help to translate the app into Australia specific spelling and phrasing. This is a new project commencing in 2020.

  • LostInMyMaps
  • Vestigal