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As a self-managed country, Australia has customised permissions on features which may differ from other countries and servers. This page is intended to publicly document them in a shared and easily accessible location.

Allow cameras

The addition of cameras in Australia is permitted at level 3 and higher. Remember, level 3 editors and above need to take care to change the camera permissions from auto to L3.

Dec 2020: This was changed from L1 to L3 due to a huge spike in unreliable camera additions undermining the integrity of the alerts. It also aligns "creation of cameras" with the already documented "minimum lock level for cameras."

Force house numbers

Allows users to force apply house numbers to a road where a "forcible error" is raised as per errors you can force, currently limited to level 3 and higher.

Railway crossing

A new feature introduced April 2020, to provide an audible and displayed alert when approaching a railway crossing. Australia has produced an initial set of guidelines for it's use here for level 3 editors and above.

Jun 2020: This was decreased from level 4 to level 3 so more editors could assist with the implementation.

New cities

New cities can only be created/seeded by level 4 editors and higher. You can easily request a city seed by making a post on the AU Unlock and Update Requests forum, or #city-state-issues on the Australian Discord Server. Only official cities and suburbs should be added. The official source in Australia is the PSMA data which is approved for use under External Data / Third-Party Sources Policy and How to use third-party data sources. Please also be aware of the list of Australian Duplicate Cities.

Nov 2019: Permission level increased from level 3 to 4 after a vast number of erroneous cities found in an audit needed to be cleaned up.

Road closures

Closures can be managed by level 4 editors and higher, with the exception of the list of editors with Real Time Closure (RTC) permissions on the Country Managers page, who can manage closures on any segment within their polygon regardless of the lock level.

Update junction box

Junction boxes are locked to a higher level in Australia, requiring level 3 editors and higher.

Jun 2020: This was decreased from level 5 to level 4.

Oct 2021: This was decreased from level 4 to level 3 as a part of a trial. Junction boxes are having a greater role in our new mapping standards, and have become less restrictive through enhancement by the Waze developers. Australian editors now benefit by having one of the lowest lock levels for junction boxes globally.

Allow lanes

Lane guidance feature was released from beta Q2 2020 by Waze, initially to level 6 only, and reduced slowly down to level 4 and higher. In Sep 2020, this was further lowered to level 2 and above. This feature allows editors to manage lane guidance in WME.

Headlights reminder

Australia does not use this feature and therefore, there are no locks.

Roadshield on Street

This feature was released to beta in April 2021. It contains some intrincies that need to be considered when applying shields to roads, and thus the default lock was increased from level 2 to level 4 in Australia. All editors can view the settings.

Roadshield on turn and turn guidance

This feature was released to beta in April 2021. It gives complete control to the editor over exit shields and numerous overrides, including ability to enter free text for TTS announcement. The default lock is level 4. All editors can view the settings.