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Scripts are extensions on top of the browser which are used to enhance or simplify the editing experience. While none are officially supported by Waze, the community of editors and developers maintain a collection of scripts to reduce the burden of some editing tasks. Scripts are managed via a userscript manager such as Tampermonkey, which is added to the browser, and then scripts added to Tampermonkey.

The global wiki keeps a database of commonly used scripts. Below is a list of scripts that have been developed for use in Australia.

Oz Street Name Check

A forked script that checks the suffixes of street names for compliance against the allowed Australian abbreviations. Streets that violate the policy are highlighted to draw the editor's attention to the road.

Forum Thread


WME Australian City Overlay (TBA)

Currently in development: This script overlays data PSMA administrative boundaries over WME to clearly indicate city, suburb and state boundaries.

Forum Thread (TBA)

Greasyfork (TBA)