The Waze Community

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The Waze community is vast and diverse. It is made up of millions of people around the world, all contributing in different ways in order to make the world a better place to drive.


The community is everyone using Waze. The most basic layer in Waze's community is anyone that uses the Waze app to navigate. Their contribution is smaller, as they are passive Wazers, but also essential to the success of the community.The-waze-community-drivers-passive.png


Wazer app users who use Waze and report police, hazards, gas prices and more. You might have submitted a report through the app yourself? When you submit a report, one of our dedicated community members, or staff support team members, reviews the report and decides how to handle it.



We also have what we call the Waze Editors Community. The Editors Community members are intense contributors who edit the map and add more information to it.



Finally, at the very top one percent of the editors are the Waze Champs - local and global. Their contribution is phenomenal through their leadership and management of entire countries. Hopefully you'll get to meet them throughout your editing journey.


Other important communities

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