Toll Pricing Project

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This feature displays the expected toll price of a route in the Waze app.


Toll Pricing Experts

  • GBSpeedy1305
  • Vestigal

Toll Road Flag - DRAFT

This section is still under development.

Toll roads are mapped by ticking the toll road flag (under Edit Restrictions) on dedicated segments entering and exiting a toll road. These dedicated segments are usually flagged with a map comment and locked to a higher level to prevent adjustment. It is important that the segment ID not change on these segments - if it does, a new segment ID will need to be placed in the toll pricing tool.

Waze adds a 3 minute penalty to the route so users aren't routed onto a toll road if there's little or no advantage, and to cater for the stop/start of old cash booths. This occurs when the toll road flag (under Edit Restrictions) is ticked.

Mapping Entry/Exit Only

Where a toll road has toll points on the entry and exits of the road, map the road and toll road flag as such.


Mapping Whole Road as Toll Road

Where a toll road has multiple toll points along the entire length of the road, charging people for each point they pass, you need to map the map the road and toll road flag as such to avoid cumulative penalty. This was observed in Melbourne.


If you fail to map it correctly, the cumulative penalty will apply as such: