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This page is a draft of one to potentially be added to the Australian Wazeopedia Guidance.

Australian Routing Engine

U-Turn Prevention

Like the other servers, Australia has three conditions that all need to be met before the U-Turn Prevention penalty is applied, these are:

  • In/Out Parallelism

The in and out segments must be within 5 degrees of parallel of one another, at the median segment.

  • Median Segment must be less than 15m in length

The median segment between the in and out segment must be less than 15m. For WME visibility, it is best to make it 14m or less.

  • Maneuver consists of three segments (In, Median, Out)

The entire U-turn maneuver must contain three segments only.

In addition to these three conditions, the ROW server (on which Australia is), requires the OUT segment to be Primary Street or higher.

Long Distance Routing

This concept is badly documented, both by communities, and Waze staff. The following information is purely derived from our testing, and no internal information.

Road Type Pruning

At some point during a route's calculation, some road types are excluded from consideration when routing. These distances are both "as the crow flies", and are calculated from the origin, and destination. These distances are very approximate. At distances farther than a certain threshold value from the origin or destination of a route, roads lower than a certain type tend not to be considered. Pruning thresholds with confidential, variable, increasing values exist for Street, Primary Street and Minor Highway, respectively. It appears that Minor Highways, Ramps and Freeways are not pruned at all.

Road Type Exclusion Distance (Radius)
Freeway Unlimited
Ramp Unlimited
Major Highway Unlimited?
Minor Highway ~160km
Primary Street <160km
Street ~10km