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These are the official Editing Guidelines for the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Official Bahrain Slack Waze Group: (Please join us on GCC Slack (and join the channel #r10-Bahrain)

Waze Map Editing for Bahrain

  1. The main language for naming in Bahrain is English.
  2. Road Naming:
    1. Road names must be properly capitalized. (al fateh highway -> Al Fateh Highway)
    2. Please analyze few sources of data and don't depend from one only:
      1. Bahrain Municipal Geo Explorer
      2. Bahrain Locator
      3. Google Maps
    3. Note the difference between 'Avenue' and 'Road'. An Avenue is larger than a Road. An Avenue can be a 'Primary Street' but a Road can't.
  3. Road Direction
    1. If the opposite lanes of a road are separated by a sidewalk, we draw the road as two opposite one-directional roads. If there is no sidewalk in the middle we draw the road as a single bi-directional line.
  4. Road Type
    1. Please don't use Off-road / Not maintained types of road in Bahrain, instead of this use type of road street (unpaved).

If you have suggestions to enhance the guide, feel free to comment below.