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Area Manager

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  • If you want to become an Area Manager (AM), you should be a Waze community member who wishes to take an active and proactive role in maintaining specific areas of the Waze map.
  • You have to request becoming an Area Manager
  • If your editor level isn't already 3, you will get this level with the AM title.


  • Monitoring your area on road works and make changes to the map when road construction projects start and finish by maintaining new geometry, adding or deleting roads and disconnecting and re-connecting ramps.
  • React on UR's
  • Process and resolve map errors/problems.
  • Maintain speed and red-light cameras, processing reports of devices from Waze drivers.
  • Act as a mentor to other editors, offering advice.
  • Take action when you see improper edits on the map.
  • and have an active role in the community by participating in Slack and on the forum.

See for the complete BeLux Waze career path the Community Levels page.

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