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 Narrow street 

For now - don't use this road type. The use of this road type must be approved by a L4+


Road type introduced April 2018, When talking about road type narrow street (formerly Alley), we mean very narrow streets that are drive-able, but hard to access by car. It's the kind of roads that are so narrow, you'd rather not get a route through when driving, unless it is significantly faster. However, as a motorcycle, alleys are convenient for navigation. We'd expect to find relatively low segment speeds on narrow streets already, due to the physical characteristics of the street. Narrow streets will have a routing penalty for cars and taxis, but not for motorcycles.

Definition of Narrow street

  • 1-way street width less than 2 meter
  • 2-way street smaller than 4 meter without widening for more than 200 meter

Don't use Narrow street

  • Busy street (many GPS tracks)
  • When this causes additional diversions for local traffic
  • On dead end streets: The extra penalty is unnecessary
  • On Private road road with RoadSign-C3.png C3 sign and caption "excepted local traffic"
Street City Lock

Fictional Naming examples:

  • Ruelle de la Place, Bruxelles | Brussel, Belgium with ALT-name Pleinsteeg Bruxelles | Brussel
  • Sint-Annawegel, Bottelare, België
  • Ruelle des Tanneurs, Welfrange, Luxembourg

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