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PL stands for permalink; symbol PL-symbol.jpg. A PL is an URL like this one referring to two streets in Antwerp:,358431133
  • The first parameter specifies the environment where row stands for rest of the world.
  • Next attribute specify the geographic coordinates to the position of a point on the Earth's surface via the longtitude and latitude
  • Third attribute is the zoom level
  • Fourth optional attribute are referring to selected segments.

Creating a PL

For locking / unlocking requests a PL should be supplied with all involved segments. From the WME screen create a PL by adjusting the zoom level so all segments to select are visible. While using the Ctrl-key select all involved segments. Then create a PL by clicking the PL-symbol.jpg symbol bottom right corner of your screen. The PL is now created as URL in your browser.

The Live map has also a PL-symbol.jpg bottom right to create a Permalink.

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