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Road type for entrance and exit ramps.

 Major Highway 
 Minor Highway 
 Primary Street 
 Narrow street 
 Parking Lot Road 
 Private roads 
 Walking Trail 
 Pedestrian Boardwalk 


Street City Lock
4 / 5

When to apply

  • Entrance and exit roads of Freeway.
  • Entrance and exit roads of bridges and tunnels.
  • When a "Exit R/L" is more clear than a "Keep R/L"

Entrance roads are named in the official language of the region where they are located. They always indicate a certain direction.

Only when Freeways (A-number) also have a European road number, only the E-number is used. In all other cases, the national road number is used.

Exits are named in the official language of the region where they are located (see cityname). If the exit has been numbered, the number must be added to the street name. City names that are mentioned on the road signs, are added to the street name, separated by a '/'. By preference, only the first two directions indicated are used. Road numbers aren't added to the name of the exit.

Ramp geometry and complexity


When placing the beginning of a ramp, place the first geometry node of the ramp segment at the point where the solid white line begins, and extend the ramp naturally to create a junction with the road segment, typically at a 10–15° angle. This will allow for consistent timing of exit instructions.

Its important to add the exit to the gore point of the exit. Where there are long exit lanes, it is attempting to draw the exit much earlier. This has many disadvantages.

  • There is no uniformity in use.
  • It is confusing to the user
  • When crossing the node the app will zoom out (too early).
  • The lanes guidance will disappear too soon.
  • It is confusing when exits follow each other in quick succession.

Naming of entrance and exit roads

  • Streetname: only the first number of the destination road
  • ">", see TTS.
  • Followed by the directions, as indicated on the road signs
  • No City

Naming of exits

  • Official name & number of the exit
  • When road signs deviate from the official name: ">" followed by the directions, as indicated on the road signs.


  • E313 > Antwerpen, Massenhoven, Belgium
  • Afrit 19 Massenhoven, No city, Belgium
  • Sortie 8 Louvranges > Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
  • Ausfahrt 39 Eynatten > Raeren, Belgium
  • N90 > Gilly / Charleroi, Belgium

  • A7 > Luxembourg / Mersch, No city, Luxembourg
  • Sortie 5 Merschenbierg, No city, Luxembourg

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