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When arriving, Waze proposes to take a picture of your destination. In this way, many private Places are uploaded to WME. For these private Places, the category residential is used (RPP). Private Places will not be searchable, and the identity of whoever created them or attached pictures, will not be exposed. Private Places only contain photos and an exact address, without all the other properties of a Place. The pictures will only show to people driving explicitly to that address. Waze editors will be using the pictures and exact locations to improve the house numbers database.

Public Places can be turned into private Places, but private Places cannot be turned into public Places. Use the link located under the buttons for Point or Area in the menu, to convert Places mistakenly labeled as public into private.

Street names

Red marked RPP by Magic when address differs from nearest segment

If the street name from a residential place differs from the most nearby segment it may be an error. This situation can be detected by the WME Magic script (picture right).

These are the possible reasons:

  • The street name of the most nearby segment is wrong.
  • The RPP street name is wrong.
  • One of those street names are wrongly spelled.
  • The location of the RPP is wrong, perhaps to near to a side street.

It may be necesary to add an Entry/Exit point if:

WME layers


The displaying of residential places and residential place requests can be actived and deactivated via the WME in the layers menu.

Further reading
See also the: Residential or private places paragraph on the Places page.

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