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We are currently updating the pages to include all regionally different guidelines. If you find inconsistencies, please refer to the English page. Thank you!
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You're new to Waze map editting and like to help. Great, you're most valuable with your local knowledge! This page lists the possibilities for a starting map editor (level 1). But - very important - please read first the Quick start guide and keep the KISS principles in mind, otherwise you could end up by other editors correcting your work.

Beginners are not allowed to do all changes, more important roads and other map elements are locked on certain levels to protect the map for unwanted changes. More on locks, see the Locks page. If you want to change an explicitly locked road or place, place ask in the Slack editing channel for assistance. There are always people glad to help. Example of a starters limit: f.i. a maximum of 30 street names per day may be changed by a L1.


When working in the Waze Map Editor (WME) please keep all options checked to be sure you don't miss anything. Click Wme-layers-2018.PNG. And keep an eye on Slack so other editors can reach you.

Are wondering about all these abbreviations? Check the Abbreviations used in Waze page.

Points of interest

Check the already created Places in your neighboorhood via de WME with Adding Places, keep in mind that the first 10 submitted place proposals need to be confirmed by another editor. If you're waiting for approval you can submit your confirmation request in one of the editing channels of Slack.

Please add missing Gas stations, Hospitals, Libraries, Police stations, Schools and other points of interest that are important as destination for Waze drivers. If the most important other POI's are already entered you could also look at charging stations.

Update the details of already existing places. Depending on the place category more or less details can be filled in. Most places have Auto lock (1) and can be updated by you. If you want to change something of a place that is explicitly locked, please ask somebody to help you.

  • All kinds of shops, organizations: check website, telephone number, opening hours.

Some places like Parking Lot Place are protected by a specific level lock and cannot be updated (without assistance) yet.
Linking a place to a Google place isn't allowed yet for a L1 editor.


New streets
If there are in your neighboorhood new developments, new houses build, new streets, you could make a start with mapping them. A nice way of working is to drive first through all the new streets and use your drive information (WME Drives tab) as aid for the new roads to draw. You can even use the app pave function while driving around and use this track as base for your editing.

Roads in new housing estates are used by the builders, new residents, emergency services. If they are not paved yet but drivable you can map them already: you can start with Off-road roads. Change the roadtype when the road get its definitive paving.

Other new roads should be mapped only just one or two weeks before they become available for the public traffic. So speed information pollution is minimized by the movements of constructors.

Possibly you have to ask for assistance when connecting a new street to a locked (primary) street.

Updating streets
Some streets are not yet fully defined, in other streets new developments are going on. It is important to keep the information up-to-date.

  • Add missing speed limits, or correct changed speed limits. Nice tool for this sort of work is the Toolbox
  • Add missing house numbers, or if old houses are replaced with something else, correct earlier added house numbers. Use also for this type of work the Toolbox.
  • Sometime a street changes from 2-way to one-way vice versa.
  • Connect walking trails and pedestrian boardwalks to the regular streets if not already done so.

Check the read light and speed cameras in your neighbourhood.


Another important aspect of the map is the availibility of the roads. If you read about upcoming roadworks or see road work signs being placed, please report this or on the Forum or in the Slack closure channel. As a L1 editor you're not yet allowed to add Closures yourself.


If you like the work and are actively participating in our Community you will be promoted to an L2 editor. More about this on the Community Levels page.

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