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Restricted roads

Depending on the kind of restrictions valid:

Link Sign Description Road type SL
F12a link to this section Woonerf-B.png Road in residential area. If a large area is restricted, only make the entrances and exits private.
publicly accessible: Street

only residents allowed: Private road (partially)

Be-traffic sign-C43-speedlimit-20.jpg
F99c link to this section Be-traffic sign F99c.png This sign is used in a number of variants. The road is allowed for the type of traffic displayed on the sign. Emergency vehicles and local traffic are always allowed. With or leading to destinations: Private road

Without destinations: Non-drivable roads (no SL)

Be-traffic sign-C43-speedlimit-30.jpg
F111 link to this section Be-trafficsign f111-nl.png Be-trafficsign f111-fr.png Road dedicated to bicycle traffic Street Be-traffic sign-C43-speedlimit-30.jpg
barrier or lock link to this section
Be-traffic sign-barrier.PNG


When a part of the road is locked by a barrier or an elevation in the road, making it impossible to drive thru with a regular car. Applied among others for tractor and bus locks. Several signs often with a sub sign are used to indicate the kind of restriction. Note that there might be partial restrictions allowing local traffic and/or motorcycles, which needs a different solution full locks: map the part of the road with the lock using a Non-drivable roads segment

partial locks: use Private road and/or restrictions.

closed link to this section

Road closure icon.png

temporarily closed road, e.g., due to construction work or an accident set a closure --
restricted link to this section Verkeersbord-C07.pngVerkeersbord-C05.png

Be-traffic sign-sub-time restriction-white.png

structurally/recurrent closed road at certain times/periods or for certain vehicles. set a restriction --
one-way link to this section Be-traffic sign-one way-entry-F19.png Be-traffic sign-one way-no entry-C1.png One-way driving direction of the road Select the road and mark the driving direction in the left menu
A→B or B→A