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There are 4 main regions that sometimes show variations in the guidelines. There are Flanders in the North and Wallonia in the South of Belgium. Brussels is the Capital of Belgium and Europe, and the greater area has some specific needs as well. Last but not least is Luxembourg, being a separate country.


R-Roads in Belgium

  • R-Roads (Belgium) can be Freeway, Major Highway or Minor Highway

Proposed idea for new classification of roads (June 2020):

In following sequence:

  • Lokale besluiten van gemeenten (bv circulatieplannen)
  • Regionale wegenclassificatie (bv data uit wegenregister)
  • Nationale wegenclassificatie (bv N nummering)

Daarbij bestaan in Vlaanderen volgende classificaties:

  • Hoofdweg: FW of MH al naargelang inrichting ( bv bord :f5:)
  • Primaire Weg: MH
  • Secundaire Weg: mH
  • LOKALE WEG I: LOKALE VERBINDINGSWEG mH or PS al naargelang inrichting/connectiviteit

Elke herklassificering van een wegtype moet bekeken worden naar de realiteit op de weg. Is de weg en de connectiviteit nog ingericht volgens de ingestelde categorie, dan is een aanpassing waarschijnlijk niet nodig. Indien er aanwijzingen zijn dat de situatie veranderd is, gebruik dan de bronnen 1. 2. en 3. hierboven om het te herbekijken. Werk samen met een RM of CM zodat de connectiviteit voor langere afstand routes behouden wordt.

At this moment, please do not change anything without prior discussion with the region or countrymanager.

City names

  • Kessel-lo(3010) is part of Leuven (3000) but named separately.


City names

In Brussels, the areas for Brussels(1000), Laeken(1020), Haren(1130), and Neder-Over-Hembeek(1120) are separately named as city.

Functional classification

Brussels Regional Authority, in its “Good Move” plan, classifies the roads in three categories, published in mobigis (select “reseau et traffic/SMV auto”, or “network en verkeer/MWS auto”). You can view this map as an overlay in WME as well, with the Open Maps script.

The following table shows the regions and the Waze road type:

Brussels Regional Classification
  • Street; Primary Street
  • Minor Highway
  • Motorway/Freeway
  • Major Highway
  • Ramp

When Regional classification matches several Waze types (e.g. Streets and Primary Streets), use Waze generic guidance to assign the appropriate type. Likewise, use Waze generic guidance when lateral roads (side roads) are not classified by the Region. E.g., if it improves the visual guidance in a Quartier/Wijk, assign Primary Streets to the most frequented roads based on local knowledge and/or observed physical road layout.



City names

City names for roads and POIs: Wallonia, use the name of the commune (town), except in "agglomerations", where we would use the name of the agglomeration, as shown on the road signals around the agglomeration.

Example: Huppaye is a village, part of the town of Ramillies. All addresses of the town are labelled with the city of Ramillies, except the addresses within an area inside an agglomeration (identified by road signs for urban areas F1, F1a), those addresses are labelled with the name mentioned on the road sign (Huppaye in this case).

A list of all villages will be added.

R-Roads in Belgium

  • R-Roads (Belgium) can be Freeway, Major Highway or Minor Highway


  • mobigis Brussels Regional road classifcation
  • Open Maps Script that overlays external maps in WME, like the above mentioned mobigis road classification

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