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House numbers can be added to segments with a Street name. This comes handy especially when a search result from another source lead to the wrong location.

Adding house numbers

  • Select a segment that has a street name
  • Click Edit house numbers in the menu left
  • Zoom in to at least zoom=6
  • Click top center screen Add-house-numbers.png
  • Place the little blue circle on a house and enter the house number for this house.
  • Set the stop point / segment marker on the road segment from where the house can be approached.
  • Click Save


  • Add house numbers with sub letters like 123A, 123B; letter in uppercase and without hyphen
  • Add house numbers with a sub number like 123-1, 123-2, with a hyphen

At this moment, combinations of sub numbers and letters like 123A-1 are not allowed.

Multiple house numbers at one entrance

  • When adding multiple house numbers at an entrance, as is the case with apartment buildings, best practice is make lines in such a way that an editor can trace, on the highest zoom level, each number individually.
  • Alternative is to make use of interpolation if possible: Give the lowest and highest number. This interpolation works only in case they are all even or all odd numbers with a uniform distribution. Use numbers for every difference of 20 maximum (e.g., 1-21 or 16-36, etc. also 16-32 will work)


While Saving


There are controlling mechanisms that might yield errors when saving.

  1. Dismiss the error window by clicking on Continue editing.
  2. Hover the mouse over the red-bordered House Numbers to review the errors and fix them if necessary.

When you are fully confident there are no errors left:

  1. Click Save
  2. Click Force

If the Force button does not appear, the error is not forcable and need to be solved in a different way.

The following errors can be forced if you are an editor with Level 2 or higher:

  • Number too far from segment: House Number is beyond the standard allowed distance from its segment.
  • Number out of sequence: House Number stop point doesn't align with existing house numbers on the segment.
  • Number already exists: House Number already exists somewhere on the same selected segments.
  • Wrong side: House Number doesn't align with other existing ones for odd/even numbering scheme.

Reported issues that might involve house numbers

  • If the house numbers doesn't come up in the search result but is added to WME, tweak the geometry of the segment to force a map update.
    • In the rare case the number is never touched (no editor name linked to it), just "nudge" it: move it slightly and save.
    • Check Google Maps, if necessary adjust the address via a feedback form.
    • Add a residential place (RPP), this will give a faster result than changing a Google search result.
  • If the navigation destination shows the proper result, but navigation leads to another part of a road that has the name as an alternative street name, adding an RPP may also be necessary. This is often the case with street names prefixed by a “Road number”, see Routing to matching Alternative Street names.
  • Incorrect routing to addresses matching Alternative Street names. This issue occurs when closeby another street exists with the same name as the alternative name.


  • If an address is on an unnamed road, you cannot use a house number. Solve this by adding a Place which contains only the address (residential place for private addresses). If necessary use an entry point to specify the exact location.
  • If the correct approach entrance to an address is from a segment with a different street name than the actual address: don't use a house number to identify an address. Rather add a Places which contains only the address (residential place for private addresses).
  • Don't add house numbers to segments with road type pedestrian boardwalk or stairway. If such a segment needs house numbers, change it to road type walking trail. More info on the page about non-drivable roads
  • When searching for an address in the Waze app or Live map, Waze will first check the house numbers in the Waze database. If the house number isn't known in Waze, the Google Maps database is consulted.
  • New house numbers are not automatically added to the map update. By tweaking the segment geometry a little you can force it to next update.
  • If a house number is missing from the Waze database, Waze will try to interpolate from the existing house numbers. This works in case of a lot of house numbers in a small spot or if they are uniformly distributed between 2 registered house numbers. This interpolation works with a maximum step of 20, for both sides: the even and odd numbers. It is enough when the numbers 1, 21, 41 and 2, 22, 42 etc. are entered.

Further reading


  • Sources
For Flanders use Adrespunten Vlaanderen, also available via the OpenMaps script.
For Brussels use CIRB
For Wallonia use PICC.
  • Toolbox has the option "Show House Numbers" that highlights segments with house numbers present, so segments without become obvious....
Toolbox is an extension
  • WME HN NavPoints shows navigation points of all house numbers in the WME.
Descriptions and discussion on forum
  • WME HN Tool highlights house numbers with an orange-ish background if they have never been edited. This may cause another search result to overrule in some cases. It is barely an issue in Belux, but in case you can´t find a solution to a reported issue, this tool might be of help.
Discussion on forum
  • WME Rapid House Numbers aids in adding a sequence of house numbers.
Discussion on forum

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