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 Walking Trail 
 Pedestrian Boardwalk 

In the BeLux railroads, metros and tramways are mapped with the Railroad road type to provide drivers with visual orientation. Tracks that are embedded in a road surface or a median strip should not be mapped.


Street City Lock
Spoorlijn / Voie ferrée / Tram
  • Railroads should be mapped uninterrupted. No junction nodes at city borders.
  • No City name. A Street name can be added if it helps drivers to orient themselves. Better avoid general names like "Railroad" to prevent cluttering the screen.
  • Set elevation according to the real situation.
  • At crossings with drivable roads on the same elevation level, the railroad may be connected to the road with a junction node. Leave the turns disabled.
  • Add a Railroad Crossing at junctions with drivable segments

For other means of public transport there are other guidelines, for instance pedestrian boardwalks are used for public transport by bus.


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