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Highway Service Area

A service area is a rest area along the highway with sometimes a gas station. restaurant and/or a hotel. Some service areas contain an electric charging facility. This facility should be mapped separately as an area place and have its separate access and exit PLR's. Just like a traditional gas station.

Parking lot roads
A service area should consist of Parking lot roads, including entrance- and exit segments.
Only the entrance PLR segment should have a street name (name of the service area), no city.
All other PLR's, including the exit should have neither street name, nor city.
Locking level equal to the locking level of the highway.


Street City Lock
entry segment
other segments

Other places
Map a gas station, an electric charging facility as separate area places. Add point places for Restaurants and other interesting facilities. Add all applicable entry points. Add entry points for all routes a place can be reached: fi. from the gas station and from the rest area.

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