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Message definition (Community Levels)
===Region manager (level 4)===
* You are a proven experienced editor
* You are an active member of the [[Community|Belux Community]]

Region manager (level 4)


  • You are a proven experienced editor
  • At least 100.000 map edits
  • You are an active member of the Belux Community


  • Request to become a RM by sending a PM to one of the Country Managers.
  • Or on request of a Country Manager.

What is expected from Region Managers:

What is extra (compared to level 3):

Country Manager (level 5)


  • In consultation with Country Managers and Champs

What is expected from you:

  • Coaching and monitoring Region Managers (L4)
  • Processing L5 Unlock Requests [UR]
  • Status reporting to Global Champs (L6)
  • Make clear arrangements for Country Managers and Region Managers
  • Fulfil activities on request of Global Champs.
  • Coordinate, lead and/or assist on special projects.

What is extra (compared to RM):