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Sub-category Description / Examples Naming Lock ≥ *
Airport You can replace "airport" in the name with the picto ✈, but the picto should be in front {Name}, e.g.,
Brussels Airport
✈ Brussels
Bus Station
  • Fl: {station name}
  • Br, Wal & Lux:
-in large cities:
{station name} + ({operator})
-outside large cities:
{city} + {station name} + ({operator})
Ferry Pier
Seaport / Marina / Harbor
Subway Station Underground Station for or Metro. Put the city name in front of the station name if different
  • Fl: {Station Name}
  • Br, Wal & Lux: {station name}
Train Station e.g., Station Antwerpen
  • Fl: "Station" + {station name}
  • Br, Wal & Lux: {station name}
alternate name:
"Station" + {station name}
Bridge Use only to represent a named road bridge with local or navigational significance {Name}
Tunnel {Tunnel Name}
Taxi Station
Junction / Interchange Junction {Name}
Rest area
Carpool spot
others / without sub category all other POIs belonging to transportation, and not to car services. Examples:
Car Sharing & Bike Sharing Stations {operator} + {station name}

* If the place needs to be protected, a higher lock level can be applied. See the Regional Guidelines for details