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Segment Properties

Properties relevant for most Road typesː

Check the Unpaved attribute for any by regular car driveable road which is not paved.
The app has a setting for using Unpaved roads. The default is "Don't allow". Other values are "Allow" and "Avoid long ones".
If a road is unpaved, only driveable by a 4x4 and really should be mapped, than - in this exceptional case - the Off-road road type may be used.

Minimum segment length
A segment should not be shorter than 6 meters. Everything smaller than 15m is nearly invisible in the app.

Headlights required
The headlight warning is given each time in the app when a route is started that passes a segment with Headlight required checked. This warning only makes sense in the few countries for which this warning was developed. Better leave this attribute unchecked.