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{{mbox|type=construction|text={{red|This page is currently being worked for a '''major revision''' in an off wiki location.}}House numbers==
The content below while mostly accurate may have changed in the interim. The entire page will be rebuilt shortly with fully accurate content pending the completion of new ongoing testing and modification of the TTS engine. Before making any changes to this page, please bring up the issue in the [http:<languages // TTS testing forum thread].}}> This page covers the abbreviations and acronyms used in naming roads in Waze. <translate>
Thə list on this page and * It is possible to add <i>house numbers</i> to several [Road types|road types].* Don't add <i>house numbers</i> to [[Pedestrian Boardwalk|pedestrian boardwalks]], use [[Walking trail|walking trail]] instead<br />* Select a street* Click <b>Edit house numbers</b>* Zoom in the links to at least zoom=6* Click top center screen [[File:Add-house-numbers.png]]* Place the bottom of little blue circle on a house and enter the page have only been tested house number for this house.* Click <b>Save</b><br />* For adding house numbers the [[WME OpenMaps script]] with the Engish USA "Samantha" voiceBAG map is very usefull. While they should also apply * The [[BAG|BAG viewer]] can be used to get information on <i>house numbers</i> in the English USA "Tom" voice, they have not been tested with any other voiceNetherlands.
By following these guidelines the Text-to-speech (TTS) feature will work at its optimum level. If you have questions about these instructions, see the [[Abbreviations_and_acronyms#Further reading|further reading]] at the bottom of this page.</translate>
==Standard suffix abbreviations==Waze convention is to use suffix abbreviations in street names. ("Main Rd" instead of "Main Road"). '''Notes:'''# Abbreviate only suffixes. #*"The Avenue", "The Green", etc. should not be abbreviated. #*"Circuit Avenue Road" is abbreviated "Circuit Avenue Rd", not "Cct Ave Rd".#*A road named "Service Road" should not be abbreviated, while "Pipeline Service Road" should be (as "Pipeline Service Rd").# Suffix abbreviations do ''not'' contain any punctuation, such as "<code>.</code>" (Full-stops) or "<code>-</code>" (Hyphens).# In the event that the original suffix is a plural (ends in s) and only its singular form is present as an abbreviation, simply adding an "s" to the end of the abbreviation may or may not work as expected unless specified below.# When 'N', 'S', 'E', or 'W' should NOT be pronounced as compass directions, enclose the letter in single quotes.#* George 'W' Bush Blvd#* West 'W' Lee Ave# If your question is not answered here, please ask in the [// TTS testing topic on the waze forums]# As of 2015-03-18, some entries in this table are no longer valid. They will be updated when resources are available. Legend: * TTS = Text To Speech for supported countries. {| class="wikitable sortable" style="background:white; font-size:80%; margin: 1em auto 1em auto" border="1"| align="center" style="background:#f0f0f0;"|'''Road Name '''| align="center" style="background:#f0f0f0;"|''' Abbreviation '''| align="center" style="background:#f0f0f0;"|''' TTS Compatibility '''|-| Alley|| Aly || Yes|-| Annex|| Anx|| Yes|-| Arcade|| Arc|| Yes|-| Avenue|| Ave|| Yes|-| Bayoo|| Byu|| Yes|-| Beach|| Bch|| Yes|-| Bend|| Bnd|| Yes|-| Bluff|| Blf|| Yes|-| Bottom|| Btm|| Yes|-| Boulevard|| Blvd|| Yes|-| Branch|| Br|| Yes|-| Bridge|| Brg|| Yes|-| Broadway|| Bdwy|| Untested|-| Brook|| Brk|| Yes|-| Brooks||Brks|| Yes|-| Burg||Bg|| Incompatible |-| Burgs||Bgs|| Untested|-| Bypass||Byp|| Yes|-| Camp||Cp|| Yes|-| Canyon||Cyn|| Yes|-| Cape||Cpe|| Untested|-| Causeway||Cswy|| Yes|-| Center||Ctr|| Yes|-| Centers||Ctrs|| Untested|-| Circle||Cir|| Yes|-| Circles||Cirs|| Untested|-| Circuit||Cct|| Untested|-| Cliff||Clf|| Untested|-| Cliffs||Clfs|| Untested|-| Close|| Cl|| Yes|-| Club||Clb|| Yes|-| Common||Cmn|| Yes|-|Commons||Cmns|| Yes|-| Corner||Cor|| Untested|-| Corners||Cors|| Untested|-| Course||Crse|| Yes|-| Court|| Ct|| Yes|-| Courts||Cts|| Untested|-| Cove||Cv|| Incompatible|-| Coves||Cvs|| Untested|-| Creek||Crk|| Untested|-| Crescent||Cres|| Yes|-| Crest||Crst|| Yes|-| Crossing||Xing|| Yes|-| Crossroad||Xrd|| Yes|-| Curve||Curv|| Yes|-| Dale||Dl|| Yes|-| Dam||Dam|| Yes|-| Divide||Dv|| Incompatible|-| Drive|| Dr|| Yes|-| Drives||Drs|| Untested|-| Estate||Est|| Untested|-| Estates||Ests|| Untested|-| Expressway||Expy|| Yes|-| Extension||Ext|| Yes|-| Extensions||Exts|| Untested|-| Fall||Fall|| Untested|-| Falls||Fls|| Yes|-| Ferry||Fry|| Untested|-| Field||Fld|| Untested|-| Fields||Flds|| Untested|-| Flat||Flt|| Yes|-| Flats||Flts|| Untested|-| Ford||Frd|| Untested|-| Fords||Frds|| Untested|-| Forest||Frst|| Untested|-| Forge||Frg|| Untested|-| Forges||Frgs|| Untested|-| Fork||Frk|| Untested|-| Forks||Frks|| Untested|-| Fort||Ft|| Yes|-| Freeway|| Fwy|| Yes|-| Garden|| Gdn|| Yes|-| Gardens|| Gdns|| Yes|-| Gateway||Gtwy|| Yes|-| Glen||Gln|| Yes|-| Glens||Glns|| Untested|-| Green||Grn|| Yes|-| Greens||Grns|| Untested|-| Grove|| Grv|| Yes|-| Groves||Grvs|| Untested|-| Harbor||Hbr|| Yes|-| Harbors||Hbrs|| Untested|-| Haven||Hvn|| Untested|-| Heights||Hts|| Yes|-| Highway|| Hwy|| Yes|-| Hill||Hl|| Yes|-| Hills||Hls|| Yes|-| Hollow||Holw|| Yes|-| Inlet||Inlt|| Yes|-| Island||Is|| Untested|-| Islands||Iss|| Untested|-| Isle||Il|| Yes|-| Junction||Jctn|| Yes|-| Junctions||Jctns|| Yes|-| Key||Key|| Yes|-| Keys||Keys|| Yes|-| Knoll||Knl|| Yes|-| Knolls||Knls|| Yes|-| Lake||Lk|| Untested|-| Lakes||Lks|| Untested|-| Land||Land|| Untested|-| Landing||Lndg|| Yes|-| Lane|| Ln|| Yes|-| Light||Lgt|| Yes|-| Lights||Lgts|| Yes|-| Loaf||Lf|| Yes|-| Lock||Lck|| Yes|-| Locks||Lcks|| Yes|-| Lodge||Ldg|| Yes|-| Loop||Loop|| Yes|-| Mall||Mall|| Yes|-| Manor||Mnr|| Yes|-| Manors||Mnrs|| Yes|-| Meadow||Mdw|| Yes|-| Meadows||Mdws|| Yes|-| Mews||Mews|| Yes|-| Mill||Ml|| Untested|-| Mills||Mls|| Untested|-| Mission||Msn|| Yes|-| Motorway||Mtwy|| Yes|-| Mount|| Mt|| Yes|-| Mountain||Mtn|| Yes|-| Mountains||Mtns|| Yes|-| Neck||Nck|| Yes|-| Orchard||Orch|| Yes|-| Oval||Oval|| Yes|-| Overpass||Opas|| Yes|-| Parade|| Pde|| Yes|-| Park|| Pk|| Yes|-| Parks||Pks|| Yes|-| Parkway||Pkwy|| Yes|-| Parkways||Pkwys|| Yes|-| Pass||Pass|| Yes|-| Passage||Psge|| Yes|-| Path||Path|| Yes|-| Pike||Pke|| Yes|-| Pine||Pne|| Yes|-| Pines||Pnes|| Yes|-| Place|| Pl|| Yes|-| Plain||Pln|| Untested|-| Plains||Plns|| Yes|-| Plaza||Plz|| Yes|-| Point||Pt|| Incompatible|-| Points||Pts|| Yes|-| Port||Prt|| Yes|-| Ports||Prts|| Yes|-| Prairie||Prr|| Yes|-| Radial||Radl|| Yes|-| Ramp||Ramp|| Yes|-| Ranch||Rnch|| Yes|-| Rapid||Rpd|| Incompatible|-| Rapids||Rpds|| Yes|-| Rest||Rst|| Untested|-| Ridge||Rdge|| Yes|-| Ridges||Rdgs|| Untested|-| Rise||Rise|| Untested|-| River||Riv|| Yes|-| Road|| Rd|| Yes|-| Roads||Rds|| Untested|-| Route||Rte|| Yes|-| Row||Row|| Yes|-| Rue||Rue|| Yes|-| Run||Run|| Yes|-| Saint||St.||Yes|-| Shoal||Shl|| Yes|-| Shoals||Shls|| Yes|-| Shore||Shr|| Yes|-| Shores||Shrs|| Yes|-| Skyway||Skwy|| Yes|-| Spring||Spg|| Yes|-| Springs||Spgs|| Yes|-| Spur||Spur|| Untested|-| Square|| Sq|| Yes|-| Squares||Sqs|| Yes|-| Station||Sta|| Yes|-| Stream||Strm|| Yes|-| Street|| St|| Yes|-| Streets||Sts|| Yes|-| Summit||Smt|| Yes|-| Terrace|| Ter|| Yes|-| Terrace|| Tce|| Yes|-| Throughwawy||Thwy|| Yes|-| Trace||Trce|| Yes|-| Track||Trak|| Yes|-| Trafficway||Trfy|| Yes|-| Trail||Trl|| Yes|-| Tunnel||Tunl|| Yes|-| Turnpike||Tpk|| Yes|-| Underpass||Upas|| Yes|-| Union||Un|| Untested|-| Unions||Uns|| Yes|-| Upper||Uppr||Yes|-| Valley||Vly|| Yes|-| Valleys||Vlys|| Yes|-| Viaduct||Vdct|| Yes|-| View||Vw|| Yes|-| Views||Vws|| Yes|-| Village||Vlg|| Yes|-| Villages||Vlgs|| Yes|-| Ville||Vl|| Untested|-| Vista||Vis|| Yes|-| Walk||Walk|| Yes|-| Wall||Wall|| Yes|-| Waters||Wtr|| Untested|-| Way||Way|| Yes|-| Ways||Ways|| Yes|-| Well||Wl|| Yes|-| Wells||Wls|| Yes|{Bottomline}==Further reading== UK editors should see [[United_Kingdom/Roads#Abbreviations]] for UK specific abbreviations, some of which differ. Canadian editors should see [[Canada#Abbreviations]] for Canada-specific abbreviations, some of which differ. Other countries may have differing guidance; refer to the country-specific pages for any local guidance. === Forums ===If you have further questions on this topic, please refer to the following Waze forum for a "Work in progress" list of abbreviations that are being tested, currently available, and proposed:  [ Test of Text-to-Speech (TTS) Abbreviations in Waze Clients] === Glossary ===Refer to the [[Glossary]] page for definitions of many terms used in Waze.