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==Waze map editor==
With the Waze Map Editor (WME) the Waze maps are updatedmaintained.<br />
<br />
The Benelux wiki explains working in the WME in:
For editing the map first goto the location where the editing has to be done If you have a '''[[PL]]''' paste in your browsers URL field otherwise find the location by using the search posibility top left corner of the screen:
<br />
Tab with a listing of the [[User request|UR's]], [[Map Problems]] and [[Place update request]] in the [[Editable area|editable area]].
<br />
Tab with a listing of the latest drives. Short drives are often added immediately. Sometimes your drive information is not updated the same day, but in the end almost all drives appear in this list.
* temporary areas while taken part in a [[Mapraid]].
===Map servers===
There are currently three waze map servers: IL (Israel), NA (North America) and ROW (Rest of the world).
The Benelux maps are on the ROW server. When you're working in the editor you'll see "row" as part of the URL.