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#REDIRECT {{TopLine}}<languages /><translate> ==ATM==ATM is one of the Shopping and services [[Best_map_editing_practice#When_Place categories]].<br /><br />ATMs can be found inside and outside of buildings.28NotIn Waze we only add those ATMs that are accessible to the general public.29_to_Split_a_Two-Way_RoadMost of the times, we can just add them as a [[Places#Pont Place|Point Place]]with the primary category ATM, and the name ATM [%NameOfBank%] <sup>1)</sup>. However, if they are inside a building, like a bank, supermarket, or post office, extra care should be taken:When the opening hours are different from the building holding the ATM (For example, an ATM in the hall of a bank can be accessible outside the bank's hours.):Add a separate Point Place inside the building, with ATM as primary category.:Make sure to add the specific opening hours<br /><br />When the opening hours are the same as the building holding the ATM::Add the ATM as a secondary category to the building's Place.:Make sure to add the opening hours to the building's Place.ATMs that have restricted use (like only accessible for account holders of a specific bank), should not be added. Any other condition, like the need to swipe a card before entering, can be written in the description field if you think it is important information for the Wazer searching for an ATM.<br /><br /><sup>1)</sup> <small>Note: To avoid WME from automatically merging a separate ATM Point Place as an update to a building’s place, the ATM should be named differently than the building. Therefore, the naming convention is implemented.</small> </translate> __NOTOC__{{Bottomline}}