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House numbers

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==House numbers==
Since November 2014 it is possible to search for <i>house numbers</i> which are inputted via the [[Waze Map Editor]] and saved in the Waze database. To support this functionality, In multiple countries, like The Netherlands, Waze imported house number data from external sources, in multiple countries, like The Netherlands. This was not the case in done for Belgium or and Luxembourg.<br />
* It is possible to add <i>house numbers</i> to several [[Road types|road types]] when [[Street and City names|Street and City name]] are specified.
* Don't add <i>house numbers</i> to [[Pedestrian Boardwalk|pedestrian boardwalks]], . If house numbers are to be added to a non-drivable road use [[Walking trail|walking trail]] instead.
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'''Adding house numbers:'''
* More information can be read on the global wiki page on [ house numbers].
* [ Forum page] on house numbers with questions, discussions.
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* User script [[WME HN Tool]]
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