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==House numbers==<!--T:1-->
Since November 2014 it is possible to search for <i>house numbers</i> which are inputted via the [[Waze Map Editor]] and saved in the Waze database. To support this functionality, In multiple countries, like The Netherlands, Waze imported house number data from external sources. This was not done for Belgium and Luxembourg.<br />
* It is possible to add <i>house numbers</i> to several [[Road types|road types]] when [[Street and City names|Street and City name]] are specified.
* Don't add <i>house numbers</i> to [[Pedestrian Boardwalk|pedestrian boardwalks]]. If house numbers are to be added to a [[Non-drivable roads|non-drivable road ]] use [[Walking trail|walking trail]].
* Add <i>house numbers</i> with an letters like 123A, 123B, letter in uppercase and without hyphen,
* Add <i>house numbers</i> with a sub number like 123-1, 123-2, with a hyphen.
* For now, combinations of such numbers like 123A-1 are not allowed.
<br />
* For adding house numbers in The Netherlands the [[WME OpenMaps script]] with the [[BAG]] map is very usefull.
* The [[BAG|BAG viewer]] can be used to get information on <i>house numbers</i> in the Netherlands.
* The house number information can be displayed in the [[Waze Map Editor|editor]] if the [[Kadastrale kaart]] is loaded over the <i>BAG</i> map.
* For Flandres the map <i>Adrespunten Vlaanderen</i> can be used, also available via the [[WME OpenMaps script|OpenMaps script]]. For Brussels use <i>CIRB</i>, for Wallonia <i>PICC</i>.
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'''Adding house numbers:'''
<br />
 <!--T:3-->'''SourceErrors:'''<br />* For adding house [[File:House-numbers -force-out-of-sequence.png|right|400px]] Some errors you can force others you can't. Dismiss the error window by clicking on Continue editing, hover the mouse over the red-bordered House Numbers to review what the errors are and fix the House Numbers which are in error, if they are indeed in error.<br /><br />If an error is forceable the force button is displayed. But, the possibility to fix errors via forcing is dependant on your editor level. In The Netherlands '''L1''' editors can use for some errors the force option, for other errors '''L2''' is required. In Belgium and Luxembourg forcing is always limited to '''L2''' and higher.<br /><br />[[WME OpenMaps scriptFile:House-numbers-forced.png|left|x200px]] with the BAG map is very usefull.* The [[BAGFile:House-number-error-no-force.png|BAG viewerx200px|right]] can be used to get information In the Netherlands the warning of even and odd numbers on the same side of the road is forceable for '''L1''' editors. <ibr />house numbers<br /i> An out of sequence error is also in the Netherlandslimited to '''L2''' and higher.<br />
<br />
Read more in the global Wiki on [ Errors you can force].<br />
===Remarks=== <!--T:4-->
* When searching for an address in the [[Waze app]] or [[Live map]], Waze will first check the own Waze house numbers - both the manual created and the imported ones. If the house number isn't known in Waze, the Google Maps database is consulted.
<!--T:5-->* If an address is on an unnamed road don'''Navigating t use a house number to identify an addressbut add a [[Residential Place|private residence place]] which contains only the address. If necessary use an entry point to specify the exact location. <!--T:'''<br /6-->When searching for * If the correct approach entrance to an address in is from a street or segment other than the street the address is named after, then don't use a house number to identify an address but add a [[Waze app]] or [[Live mapResidential Place|private residence place]], Waze will use which contains only the following order to present the resultsaddress. <!--T:10-->* When adding <i>house numbers<br /i>for appartment buildings it is nice not to add all numbers on top of each other. Add them in such a way that an editor can trace, on the highest zoon level, each number individually. 1) Manual created housenumbers<br /!--T:11-->2) Google Maps database* If some <i>house numbers<br /i>3) Imported housenumber dataare missing, Waze will try to interpolate the missing <i>house number<br /i>of the requested address. This works in case of a lot of <i>Bottom linehouse numbers</i>: in a small spot or if you notice a wrongly positioned address<i>house numbers</housenumber i> are uniformly distributed in the app or [[Live map]]space between 2 registered <i>house numbers</i>. This interpolation works with a maximum step of 20, you can change it via for both sides: the [[Waze Map Editor]]. Just give it a nudge even and saveodd numbers. Make sure the endpoint It is at enough when the right location. This will result to a primarily suggestednumbers 1, 21, 41 and 2, 22, correct location42 etc are entered.<br />
<br />
 ===Further reading===<!--T:8-->* More information can be read on the [ global wiki Wiki page on house numbers] and the [ USA Wiki page on house numbers].
* [ Forum page] on house numbers with questions, discussions.
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===ToolTools===<!--T:9-->* [[WME Toolbox]] option "Show House Numbers" which colors segments ''with'' house numbers present, so segments ''without'' become obvious....* User script [[WME HN NavPoints]]
* User script [[WME HN Tool]]
* User script [[WME Rapid House Numbers]]
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