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GPS (Global Positioning System) is used in the [[Waze app]] to get your position and display it on the map. Your phone receives the GPS signal from a number of satellites via a GPS antenna which passes the GPS signal via a driver through to the app. The Waze app maps the ''raw gps location'' to the map as the blue arrow (if using the standard pointer).<br />
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* Phone settings: ensure that your location services are enabled.
Check also the [ Waze support page on GPS issues].
===GPS tracks===<!--T:3-->
[[File:Gps-tracks.png|right|400px]] In the [[Waze Map Editor#Layers_menu|WME]] a GPS layer is available which will show tracks from Waze users as they drive with Waze running.<br />
Travellers by train also often use Waze, so not all GPS tracks refer to drivable roads. Sometimes the phone's GPS signal is interrupted: the GPS track shows a straight line, a shortcut to the next received position. Sometimes the GPS track is shifted for hundred meters or more because of a faulty signal. <br />
* GPS tracks are roughly between 3 weeks and 6 months old.
[[File:App-rawgps-1.png|right|280px]] Searching on '''##@rawgps''' will display first '''Raw GPS is ON''' and add a yellow arrow on your app screen: the location of the raw unprocessed GPS signal as your phone provides it. Searching again on '''##@rawgps''' will deactivate rawgps. The text '''Raw GPS is OFF''' is displayed and the yellow pointer of rawgps is removed again<br />
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