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Speed limit

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==Speed limit== <!--T:1-->
Specify a <i>speed limit</i> on drivable [[Road types|road types]]. The maximum speed limit is depending on the situation: within or outside city limits, the [[Road types|road type]] and the presence of other (fixed) traffic signs. This is the regular speed limit. Besides fixed signs the speed limit can be adjusted by changeable signs.
=== Guidelines for the (new) editor ===
* Make sure you’re using the correct units for the speed limits! You can switch between Imperial and Metric by clicking on the tab with the ‘Gear’ icon, on the left column in the Waze Map Editor. The Gear icon is only visible when no segment or place is selected.
* Adding Speed Limits must be based on certainties. You should be familiar with the area where you add them. Please do not enter Speed Limits when you are not 100% sure.
* The 'normal speed limit' is the speed limit that is applicable when there is no other signage present.
===Defining Speed limits=== <!--T:2-->