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Junction Box

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==Junction Box== <!--T:1-->
[[File:Junction-box-map.png|right|260px]]Junction boxes (JBs) are used to improve ETA calculations and routing through complicated intersections, and interchanges. Junction boxes are displayed as multiple segments with multiple inputs and outputs. They are basically a hint editors can give the Waze routing services that “although these few segments are cut in a few places, they generally should be treated as a single point which connects traffic from several sources”. This hint helps the routing service get better ETA calculations and hence select better routes for Wazers.<br />
<br />
The junction box enables a complex intersection, or interchange composed and displayed as multiple segments to be treated by the routing server as a single junction node with multiple inputs and outputs. Considering a complex intersection as a single point has several beneficial properties:<br />
* Traffic speed data for each path through the junction box can be collected separately.
* [[Turn restriction|Turn restrictions]] can also be separately controlled for each path through the junction box.