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==Pedestrian BoardwalkChemins piétons non routables==Pedestrian Boardwalk Le chemin piéton non routable (PB) is one of the non-drivable fait partie des [[Road types/fr|road typesde route]]non carrossables. Because Waze is only designed to use in a carétant un gps pour véhicule motorisé uniquement, <i>Pedestrian Boardwalks</i> are often not necessary. PB's are used for 'roads' that are inaccessible by car and that don't have a possible destination and for public transport. In this case the [[Elevation|elevation]] is set to '''-5''ce genre de segment n'est normalement pas utilisé. As pedestrian area the elevation is "ground" level<br />
* Bicycle paths
* Walking paths<br />