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Pedestrian Boardwalk/fr

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!Rue! Street! City Ville! Lock
|Pedestrian area
|<center> [[File:Check-icon.png]] </center>
|<center> [[File:Check-icon.png]] </center>
| <center>'''1''' ('''3'''2)</center>|- |Public transport (see below)|<center> Bus (FR), Busbaan (NL), Busspur (D) </center>|<center> [[File:Check-icon.png]] </center>| <center>'''5'''</center>
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More on Pedestrian Boardwalks and other Plus d'informations sur les chemins piétons non drivable road types see the routables voir la page des [[Non-drivable roads/fr|routes non carrossables]] page.<br />More on locking, see the Voir comment verrouiller sur la page [[Non-drivable roads lock level/fr|verrouillage des routes non carrossables]] page.<br />
===Pedestrian area===