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ATM is one of the Shopping and services [[Place categories]].<br />
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ATMs can be found inside and outside of buildings. In Waze we only add those ATMs that are accessible to the general public. Most of the times, we can just add them as a [[Places#Pont Place|Point Place]] with the primary category ATM, and the name <i>Geldautomaat</i> [%NameOfBank%] <sup>1)</sup> <sup>2)</sup>. However, if they are inside a building, like a bank, supermarket, or post office, extra care should be taken:
When the opening hours are different from the building holding the ATM (For example, an ATM in the hall of a bank can be accessible outside the bank's hours.)
:Add a separate Point Place inside the building, with ATM as primary category.
ATMs that have restricted use (like only accessible for account holders of a specific bank), should not be added. Any other condition, like the need to swipe a card before entering, can be written in the description field if you think it is important information for the Wazer searching for an ATM.<br />
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<sup>1)</sup> <small>Note: To avoid WME from automatically merging a separate ATM Point Place as an update to a building’s place, the ATM should be named differently than the building. Therefore, the naming convention is implemented.</small><br /> <sup>2)</sup> <small>Note: App users who search on ATM are presented with the ATM's nearby because of the ATM category. No need to put ATM in the name.</small>