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==Restrictions== <!--T:1-->
* For each [[Road types|road]] it is possible to add <i>time based restrictions</i> (TBR) for all traffic or only special vehicle types.<br />
* Click Add new for A > B, B > A or Two way.
* If applicable check [[Toll road]].
For an example of a time based restriction combined with destination traffic allowed see [[Complex Restrictions]].
<br />
 ====Vehicle types====for which vehicle traffic a road is restricted depeneds on the road sign:<br /translate> * Restricted for cars: [[File:Verkeersbord-C06.png|25px]]* Restricted for motorcycles: [[File:Verkeersbord-C11.png|25px]]* Restricted for both: [[File:Verkeersbord-C12.png|25px]]<br /> '''Example'''