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Gas Station Place

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==Gas Station Place== <!--T:1-->
[[File:Gas-station-example.png|right|300px]] This type of [[Places|Place]] is always drawn as an <i>Area Place</i>. It is one of the [[Places#Car_Services|Car services]] sub-categories. They should be mapped to the edges of the property (or at least to the drivable area of the gas station). In larger gas Gas station Areas, a road can be helpful in the navigation on and of the area. This road places should be drawn as a connected with [[Parking Lot Road|Parking Lot Roads]], without streetname. <br />
<br />
There is more information contained in an <i>Gas station Area</i> than can be viewed in [[Waze Map Editor|WME]], such as available fuels and corresponding prices. Per country four fuel types are available, which are shown for all gas stations. Gas stations always get the name in the format <Brand> <Name Gas station>, for example “Shell De Rotonde”. Choose the Brand from the drop down menu. Leave this option blank if the brand is not listed.<br />