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Pedestrian Boardwalk/fr

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In the following cases, PB's can or should be added to the map:
* if navigation is unclear without them* and/or if the map is unclear without them.<br />* if it can lead users to and from a [[Parking Lot Place|parking lot place]]. This is , to allow Waze to estimate better walking times to [[Parking Lot Place|parking lotslot places]]* and for public transport.<br /> Pedestrian Boardwalks are non-routable (not considered for routing), so unless you connect to an already existing (real) [[Nodes|junction node]], there will never be a need or reason to split another segment for them. Use [[Nodes|Phantom nodes]] to connect or if the reason is purely visible you could choose not to connect at all.<br /> * This [[Road types|road type]] is not used to add [[House numbers|house numbers]], if the non-drivable road has destinations use road type [[Walking trail|walking trail]] instead.
For more information see the page on [[non-drivable roads]].
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===Transport Publics - Taxis===
Ne pas utiliser ce type de segments mais utilisez des segments normaux ([[Road types/fr|rue]]) en y ajoutant les restrictions adéquates. Précédemment on utilisait les [[Walking trail/fr|chemins piétons]] pour les transport en communs mais ce n'est plus le cas.<br /><br />
'''Inutile:'''<br />
[[File:Walking trail unneeded before.jpg|600px| unneeded before]]<br />